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DebugPoint Weekly Newsletter #22.16: Flathub App Updates, Edubuntu Flavour, DragonFly BSD and More

We present the weekly newsletter #22.16 featuring FOSS and tech updates across the web.

Welcome to the DebugPoint Weekly Newsletter #22.16. This newsletter aims to keep you informed about the latest developments in the world of Linux & BSD and provide you with tips and tricks for using your Linux system.

We’ll cover new releases, security updates, and interesting projects to keep an eye on. Whether you’re a seasoned Linux user or new to the world of open-source operating systems, we hope this newsletter helps you stay up-to-date and informed. Let’s dive in!

Here’s what happened this week.

DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.16

🎯 Spotlight updates from GNU/Linux

  • Arch Linux’s first ISO release of the year 2023 brings Linux Kernel 6.1 and updated packages. [Read more]
  • Fedora Linux 38 release is bringing the official Budgie and Sway flavour. [Read more]

📌 Learning Linux Command Articles from DebugPoint this week

📌 Featured Articles from DebugPoint this week

🖥️ Desktop Environment and Linux Distro

  • Ultramarine Linux 37 release brings new rolling repo “Terra”, new KDE Plasma flavour with applications and development goals. [Read more]
  • Nitrux 2.6.0 release brings Flathub and Pipewire by default, Wayland login in SDDM, drops apt package manager and more. [Read more]
  • Ubuntu 23.04 plans to bring the new Flutter-based installer, and it’s now available in daily builds.
  • Official Edubuntu flavour is in the works and may arrive soon. [Read more]
  • EasyOS 4.5.4 arrives as a bug-fix release with updated Kernel and applications. [Read more]

😈 BSD Updates

  • DragonFly version 6.4 was released with hardware support for type-2 hypervisors with NVMM, an amdgpu driver, the experimental ability to remote-mount HAMMER2 volumes and more. [Read more]

🔖 Application Updates

  • Release highlights of MS Paint alternative drawing program Pinta 2.1, which brings Wayland and WebP image support. [Read more]
  • Popular ebook management software Calibre 6.11 has been released. [Read more]
  • Qalculate, the multi-purpose cross-platform desktop calculator based GTK and QT brings the 4.5.1 maintenance release. [Read more]
  • Krita drawing program releases a bug-fix update, 4.5.1. [Read more]

🗃️ Flathub App Updates

The following Flatpak apps are updated this week in Flathub. if you want to install them, make sure to set up Flatpak and Flathub before doing so.

  • Atomic: A mod packaging toolchain for AM2R mods. Version 2.1.0.
  • RedisInsight: Developer GUI for Redis, by Redis. Version 2.14.0
  • World of Padman: World of Padman (WoP) is a first-person shooter computer game. Version 1.6.2
  • Outline: The Outline app allows users with access keys to connect to the Outline server and the open web through their connected devices. Version 1.8.1
  • Blackcoin More: Blackcoin app is built on a secure and solid base and has the full support of the Blackcoin community and its developers. Version 13.2.0
  • YSoccer (formerly Yoda Soccer) is a project which intends to create a new desktop game with the gameplay and style of the well-known Sensible World of Soccer (a.k.a. SWOS). Version 19.0
  • DrRacket: A graphical environment for developing programs using the Racket programming languages. Version 8.7

📊 Learn LibreOffice: Guides from libreofficehelp this week

💡 Interesting updates across the web

Wrapping Up

That’s it for this week’s Linux & BSD update! We hope you found the information and tips in this newsletter helpful. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know using the comment box below.

Until next time, happy computing! Cheers.

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