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Ultramarine Linux 37 Release Adds Pop OS-Style KDE Plasma, Drops Cutefish

A new release of Ultramarine Linux is here: Ultramarine Linux 37 with new custom repo, KDE Plasma flavour and goodies.

If you are unaware, Ultramarine Linux is a Fedora-based distribution which offers Budgie, Pantheon, GNOME and other desktops. This distro gives you the best Fedora experience with this awesome desktop environment.

Recently, this small project is acquired by FyraLabs, the company behind PhotonBrowser and tauOS. And this enables the Ultramarine project with the necessary manpower and funding for infrastructure to continue building the distro.

Since the Fedora 37 release, the team has been working on rebasing the current release, which includes adopting the new infrastructure and CI/CD pipeline migration. And a final Ultramarine Linux 37 is here.

So, what’s new?

Ultramarine Linux 37 Release: New Features

Since the Fyralabs acquisition, the team upgraded and migrated to GitHub Actions for automated CI/CD builds. Ultramarine’s own repo, which was used to distribute curated packages (for example, Pantheon desktop), is changing in this release and moving to FyraLabs infrastructure.

Hence if you are running the Ultramarine 36 version, it may not work correctly. It’s best if you do a fresh installation of this version, as obviously, there is no upgrade path from the 36 to 37 version.

Furthermore, Ultramarine 37 is introducing a rolling repo called “Terra” for Fedora packages, including hundreds of applications that Fedora doesn’t ship. You may think of it as similar to RPM Fusion, albeit different.

To learn more, visit this page or add the following repo from the command line.

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

In fact, this opens up a possibility as you may also try to use it in Fedora Linux with caution. It will be cool if the above repo works out of the box in a vanilla Fedora install.

On top of the above changes, Ultramarine Linux 37 introduces KDE Plasma as an official spin for the first time. The KDE Plasma flavour brings a Pop OS style look with Latte Dock and Lightly Qt theme.

Ultramarine Linux 37 with unique Pop OS style KDE Plasma Theme
Ultramarine Linux 37 with unique Pop OS style KDE Plasma Theme

Ultramarine Linux 37 also drops the Cutefish desktop, which is currently in a confused state of development with no visible roadmap. It’s a good decision from the team since there is no point in packaging a halted project.

The Budgie desktop flagship version uses upstream Fedora packages with more default applications. Recently, Fedora Linux removed elementary OS’s Pantheon desktop support, unfortunately. Thanks to Ultramarine Linux devs, you can still experience it as it has been moved to the new Terra repo.

You should be glad that Ultramarine Linux is the only Fedora-based distribution supporting the great Pantheon desktop.

Finally, at its core, Ultramarine Linux 37 is based on Fedora 37 and features Linux mainline Kernel 6.0. So, all the updated packages & toolchains are current in this release.

So, that’s about the summary of this release. Stay tuned for the official review of this version in a few days. If interested, you might want to read the prior version (36) review here:

Download and Upgrade

Since there is no upgrade path, it is recommended that you should do a fresh installation of this version. You can download the ISO files for the respective desktop flavours below.

Via release announcement

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