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Pinta 2.1 Release Brings WebP Support, Screenshot Feature on Wayland

A new release of Pinta 2.1 is here, bringing a year’s worth of updates.

Pinta is simple to use popular drawing program and is seen as a replacement for Microsoft Paint (or Paint.NET) program. It is widely used for basic drawing, image editing and much faster workflow.

Thanks to its developers, it’s very active in development and aligned with modern tech to keep itself relevant as an alternative for Paint in the Linux ecosystem.

Pinta 2.1 Release Highlights

The key highlight of Pinta 2.1 is the WebP image format support. WebP is an image format created by Google for faster image delivery over the internet. Since WebP image is popular, it was a necessary feature to be added in Pinta for further editing.

Pinta 2.1
Pinta 2.1

Another main yet critical feature that arrives is the screenshot feature of Pinta, which now works under the Wayland display server in Linux distributions. If your desktop environment allows access to the XDG desktop portal, then upon capturing the screenshot, Pinta can directly access it. So, if you take a screenshot under Wayland, you can directly open it by allowing Pinta to access the image. This will be a much more beneficial and smoother workflow for many users because screenshots and screencasts under Wayland are still broken in many popular apps.

Pinta screenshot now works under Wayland
Pinta screenshot now works under Wayland

In addition to the above changes, the editing module also gets some key feature updates which I listed here:

  • Transparency mode arrives in the Gradient tool.
  • Performance improvement on canvas rendering
  • Better support for OpenRaster graphic file (*.ora)
  • You can now import and access Google Drive files
  • Better app icons
  • Open file dialog now uses MIME type to identify image files instead of extensions
  • Compiled with .NET 7

Furthermore, this release brings around 20+ bug fixes since the prior 2.0 release, which caters to various crash fixes, user interface glitches and behaviour updates.

Download and Install

For all operating systems (Linux, macOS and Windows), you can download Pinta 2.1 from the below official website.

Here are some specific instructions for various installation methods:

Flatpak (All Linux Distributions)

Set up your system as Flatpak, and run the following command from the terminal.

flatpak install com.github.PintaProject.Pinta

Ubuntu PPA and Software

Use the following PPA for all Debian-based derivatives:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pinta-maintainers/pinta-stable
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pinta


Pinta is available in the default Fedora repo which you can install using the below command from the terminal.

sudo dnf install pinta

Arch Linux

The Arch repo (AUR) already has the latest Pinta application. You can easily install Pinta in Ach Linux by using the below command.

pacman -S pinta


A Snap package is also available for Pinta and has the latest version. Download the snap package using this page.

Via release announcement.

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