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Waterfox Browser Cuts Ties with System1, Embarks on a New Journey

Waterfox’s independence revival – a win for users seeking customized web browsing.

In Brief

  • Waterfox, the privacy-focused web browser, has regained its independence, parting ways with System1, the advertising company that previously acquired it.
  • With Alex Kontos, the creator and lead developer, at the helm, the browser promises to prioritize user security, customization, and performance.
  • The move opens up exciting possibilities for faster development, innovative features, and a heightened user experience, all while maintaining Waterfox’s dedication to privacy and digital autonomy.

Waterfox Browser Becomes Independent

In a major announcement, Waterfox, the privacy-centric web browser, has reclaimed its independence, marking a significant turning point in its journey. On July 3, 2023, Alex Kontos, the creator and lead developer of Waterfox, revealed that the browser had parted ways with System1, once again becoming a fully independent project.

The news comes after some initial scepticism surrounding Waterfox’s acquisition by System1, an advertising company, in the past. While System1 had good intentions in making advertising safer and better, concerns were raised about the browser’s future trajectory under such ownership. With this transition, Waterfox users can breathe a sigh of relief as the browser renews its focus on privacy, customization, and performance.

Alex Kontos, the driving force behind Waterfox’s success, will continue leading the project, which is a promising sign for its community. With his experience and dedication, Kontos emphasizes that the newfound independence opens doors for faster development, exciting new features, and a heightened user experience. He reaffirms the commitment to delivering a browser that respects users’ online security and digital autonomy, catering to their expectations.

Waterfox web browser
Waterfox web browser

The vibrant and passionate Waterfox community has played a pivotal role in shaping the browser’s evolution over the years. Kontos expresses his gratitude for their invaluable support, feedback, and contributions and assures them that their influence will remain instrumental in the browser’s future endeavours.

So, what lies ahead for Waterfox as an independent browser? Kontos’ vision revolves around reinforcing privacy safeguards, boosting performance, and enhancing customization options. While we anticipate more specifics to be revealed in the coming months, it’s evident that the browser aims to continue its legacy as a privacy champion, catering to the needs of its dedicated user base.

On the brighter side, the prospect of accelerated development and fresh innovations is genuinely thrilling. Waterfox’s emphasis on privacy and customization has always set it apart from mainstream browsers, and with greater autonomy, it can go even further in catering to users seeking enhanced data protection and a personalized browsing experience.

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