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Ubuntu Team Accepted Unity As the Official Flavour

Ubuntu Unity is now an official Ubuntu flavour, and the first release will be Ubuntu Unity 22.10.

Ubuntu Unity Desktop
Ubuntu Unity Desktop now accepted as the official flavour

Ubuntu Unity accepted as the official flavour

As I reported earlier, the Ubuntu Unity Remix team submitted the proposal to become the next official Ubuntu flavour.

And today, the Ubuntu technical board accepted Ubuntu Unity as the official flavour after reviewing several factors.

It’s a significant milestone for the project, and an important one since Ubuntu dropped Unity desktop in favour of GNOME since Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Ubuntu Unity 22.10

All Unity lovers worldwide can officially install Ubuntu Unity from 22.10 onwards, which is planned to be released on October 2022. There is a slight change in the name. The “Remix” is dropped, and it’s now officially termed “Ubuntu Unity”.

Support-wise, Ubuntu Unity would follow the standard release schedule for short-term and long-term releases. The security patches and extended supports also will be available as you get them via other official flavours.

The first release, i.e. Ubuntu Unity 22.10, should feature Unity desktop version 7.6, the latest version. The team need to work through some milestones to make it available since the Universe repo currently has Unity 7.5.

In addition, the desktop would contain several Unity-specific packages such as Unity Tweak Took, Unity Control Center, Unity Greeter and so on.

However, I am yet to check whether Snap will be installed by default with Firefox as Snap. The Software Center will not be in Ubuntu Unity. Instead, you get the excellent Synaptic for installing and uninstalling packages.

One of the suggestions I can recommend is that the Unity team should remove all the GNOME dependencies and packages altogether. Currently, there are some packages present which is not used. Once that is done, Unity will look perfect.

The daily build for Ubuntu Unity 22.10 in the official image directory is yet to arrive. Once it is in, we will give you a tour of the apps, packages and so on.

Welcome back, Unity. You’ve been missed.

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