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Pop OS 22.04 LTS Released. This is What’s New.

System76 announced the release of Pop OS 22.04 LTS with some exciting features.

Pop OS 22.04 LTS Desktop
Pop OS 22.04 LTS Desktop

Pop OS 22.04 LTS – What’s New

Firstly, Pop OS 22.04 LTS brings automatic updates with a scheduling option where you can specify the date and time for an update or upgrade. Not only that, you can also schedule automatic updates for Debian, Flatpak and other packages with weekly, daily or monthly update notification options. The automatic update option is turned off by default.

Secondly, a new support panel in the settings window brings several channels of help for the lovely users of Pop OS. It includes links to documentation, community chat support and a log file generator which is helpful for the users enabling faster troubleshooting.

Pop OS 22.04 LTS - New Support Panel
Pop OS 22.04 LTS – New Support Panel

Moreover, the Pop shop, the software app for Pop OS, underwent a makeover. Pop Shop sees UI improvements, backend code improvements and fine-tuned package updates/install operations.

Not only that, one of the essential changes that this release brings is the switching to PipeWire for audio works, leaving PulseAudio behind. This would give users a better audio experience. It is worth mentioning that Fedora and recently released Ubuntu 22.04 LTS already picked up the modern PipeWire audio server.

Furthermore, there are several under-the-hood changes this release brings such as file type icons changed to .svg, upgrade process now supports resume option and optimised performance with respect to CPU. Moreover, a change to limit the systemd journal files size to 1 GB saves precious disk space.

Other than that, this release brings the System76 Schedule for performance optimisation. This optimisation intelligently redirects system resources to the focused window to give you more performance boost and a seamless desktop experience.

Last but not the least, Pop OS 22.04 LTS is based on a customised version of GNOME 42, tailored for Pop OS with System76 Cosmic desktop. This release is officially based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS “Jammy Jellyfish” and is powered by Linux Kernel 5.16 (which will be updated).

On top of that, a new user avatar with a friendly little robot gives the entire release a relaxed look, as it always does.

New Avatar icon for users
New Avatar icon for users

Feature Summary

To summarise, here’s a brief of this release.

  • Based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and customised GNOME 42 with Cosmic desktop.
  • Linux Kernel 5.17.
  • Built-in dark and light mode.
  • Automatic update scheduling.
  • New support panel in the Settings window.
  • PipeWire sound server replacing PulseAudio.
  • Installation of NVIDIA drivers from Pop Shop.
  • Reworked Pop Shop with UI changes and performance updates.
  • Performance optimisation of the System76 scheduler.
  • A new avatar icon for users and new wallpapers from the official Jammy Jellyfish release.


Finally, you can download Pop OS 22.04 LTS using the official link below. There are three types of installer available – standard installer, NVIDIA and Raspberry Pi. Choose as per your hardware.


You should note that upgrading to this version from the last Pop OS 20.04 LTS is not possible. Hence you need to first upgrade to Pop OS 21.10 and then follow this guide to upgrade to this release – How to Upgrade to Pop OS 22.04 LTS from 21.10 [Step by Step]

Via Official announcement.

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