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Min 1.31 Released as a New Bug Fix Update for Lightweight Browser

Min 1.31 introduces the ability to select and manage multiple tabs seamlessly, streamlining your browsing tasks.

Min, the most underrated lightweight web browser, has released 1.31 as a minor update to the current stable series. Min comes with features such as optimized tab spaces, unique tab list view, fading effect and so on.

Min is designed to enhance productivity while minimizing distractions. Integration with DuckDuckGo and support for fuzzy search contribute to swift and efficient navigation, further setting Min apart in the competitive browser market.

One of Min’s notable features is its commitment to user privacy and efficiency. The browser incorporates ad and tracker blocking, ensuring faster and more private browsing sessions. In situations where internet connections are slow or expensive, Min allows users to block scripts and images, effectively reducing page load times and data consumption. Moreover, Min is engineered for speed and energy efficiency, consuming less battery power for extended usage.

Min is one of the best lightweight browser
Min is one of the best lightweight browser

What’s new in Min 1.31

With the recent release of Min version 1.31, you can expect several enhancements that further refine your browsing experience.

  • The update introduces the ability to select multiple tabs in the task overlay by holding cmd/ctrl and clicking, enabling users to drag them together to a new location.
  • Tasks are now inserted after the current task, streamlining task management.
  • A new shortcut (shift+cmd/ctrl+c) allows users to quickly copy the current page URL. Additionally, a convenient button on the settings page facilitates easy access to the user scripts directory.
  • One of the highlight update is the editing of userscripts without the need to restart Min, providing a more responsive customization experience.
  • This update also addresses an issue with 1Password integration that affected certain configurations, ensuring a smoother user experience.
  • The 1.31 release also includes translation updates for Finnish, Bengali, Ukrainian, and Russian. Moreover, Min has upgraded to Electron 29 / Chromium 121, staying on the cutting edge of technology.
  • In a related development, the “translate page” feature now employs the latest models from Argos Translate. Users can expect significantly more accurate translations, further enhancing Min’s utility for a diverse user base.
Min 1.31
Min 1.31

To install this latest version in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, you can download the pre-compiled deb files from this page. And install them using dpkg or any other method (How to install deb files).

Arch Linux users can install using Yay or any AUR helper:

yay -S min-browser-bin

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