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Kodi 20.3 “Nexus” released as a last bug-fix update

Discover the improvements in Kodi 20.3, address DVD playback issues, enable automatic recovery in the Music Library, and resolve platform-specific quirks for an all-encompassing media solution.

The Kodi team announced a final bug fix update for the “20.3 series”Nexus” series 20.3 with mostly bug fixes and improvements and no such major new features. Let’s round up the release.

Kodi 20.3 – key highlights

What’s Improved in Estuary?

The Estuary skin sees several fixes in Kodi 20.3, enhancing user experience. Notable improvements include fixes for the home categories’ focus position, alignment of counter labels, and the Shift view for collections. Weather layout issues during busy periods have also been addressed, providing a smoother visual experience for users.

Game/Retroplayer Enhancements

For gaming fans, Kodi 20.3 brings fixes to ensure controllers are correctly assigned to game ports on Android. Additionally, the update addresses colour display issues on Windows with 10-bit displays, preventing blue/pink washed-out colours. Users will also appreciate fixes in the Port dialogue box and Controller dialogue box, ensuring a more seamless gaming experience.

General Fixes and Enhancements

Under the hood, Kodi 20.3 resolves a range of issues spanning various categories:

  • DVD Playback Fix: Unmounted drives are now playable, resolving a playback issue.
  • CPluginFile Infinite Loop Fix: Infinite loops in CPluginFile that occurred when using scrapers have been resolved.
  • Addon Settings Crash Fix: A crash caused by Addon settings being destructed in an incorrect order has been addressed.
  • Redacted Toast Notifications: Usernames/passwords are no longer inadvertently displayed in Toast notifications.
  • Context Menu Memory Leak Fix: A memory leak in context menus has been resolved.
  • Image Cache Handling: Image cache now correctly regenerates for JSON API consumers.

Music Library and Platform-Specific Fixes

  • Music Library Recovery: The Music Library can now automatically recover if cleaning was interrupted.
  • Platform-Specific Fixes: Kodi 20.3 addresses platform-specific issues on Android, Linux, macOS/iOS, tvOS, and Windows, ensuring a smoother experience across devices.

The update also brings fixes for Exif parsing, TV channel subtitles, recordings with specific path characters, UPNP crashes, and playback from remote sources. Video-related fixes include default Select action corrections on certain movie-related windows.

Installing & updating Kodi 20.3

Since this is a point release, it seamlessly installs over any existing Kodi 20.x version, and many platforms will handle the update automatically. If you are using Kodi in Ubuntu, Linux or any other distributions, a simple system upgrade will get you this version. For fresh download, visit the official page.

However, it’s always wise to back up your userdata before installation, especially if you’re uncertain or are considering a major version upgrade.

For a detailed list of changes in Kodi 20.3, check out the GitHub release notes.

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