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KDE Plasma 5.27 Now Available for OpenBSD as Easy Install Option

You can easily install KDE Plasma 5.27 in OpenBSD systems.

In a significant development for OpenBSD users, Rafael Sadowski has officially announced the integration of the KDE Plasma 5.27 desktop environment.

This update ends the long-awaited support for the latest KDE Plasma branch, following the retirement of KDE4. The introduction of ready-to-install packages, namely kde-plasma and kde-plasma-extra, ensures a seamless user experience on OpenBSD-current.

Users eager to embrace the KDE Plasma environment can now install it by executing the simple commands below:

pkg_add kde
pkg_add kde-plasma
pkg_add kde-plasma-extra
KDE Plasma 5.27 in OpenBSD
KDE Plasma 5.27 in OpenBSD

This streamlined process ensures that the transition to KDE Plasma 5.27 is accessible to both novice and experienced users. Considering the historical absence of the KDE Plasma 5 desktop shell on OpenBSD, it’s a welcoming change despite the availability of KDE Gears 5 applications and KDE Frameworks 5 libraries.

Looking ahead, OpenBSD users can rest assured that the migration to the upcoming KDE 6 branch and Qt 6 won’t be a difficult task. As part of the porting efforts, the Qt 6 branch and its associated dependencies have already been adeptly adapted to function seamlessly within the OpenBSD environment.

That said, the development team is actively working on resolving issues related to the composite server KWin, Wayland, NetworkManager, and SDDM. Moreover, the roadmap for OpenBSD 7.5 promises to incorporate official support for KDE Plasma which will definitely improve user experience.

Via blog, Image credit – Rafael

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