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Linux Mint 21.1 Code Name Revealed, Coming Up on Christmas

Linux Mint 21.1 is announced, and it’s releasing on Christmas this year.

Linux Mint

Looks like many significant releases are lined up for Christmas this year. First, we reported earlier that Xfce 4.18 is also planning for a release.

And today, the Linux Mint team announced that the first point release of Linux Mint 21.0, i.e. 21.1, is arriving on Christmas 2022.

Like every release, the codename of the Linux Mint 21.1 is “Vera”.

Linux Mint follows the Ubuntu-LTS release cycle, traditionally. Hence, Linux Mint 21.1 is expected to feature the latest Ubuntu 22.04.1 release with all the bug fixes and security updates.

Besides the base, the team also gave us a glimpse of new features and updates exclusive to this release.

Expected new features from the Linux Mint 21.1 announcement

The Driver manager gets impressive updates in this point release. First of all, you can now run the driver manager with your user account, and it no longer needs the password to launch. Secondly, when you remove any driver, it now purges it from the system completely.

In addition, the driver manager app is now able to detect the USB installation media and helps you to mount them.

Since ISO file verification is an integral part of any installation, the Mint team enables an ISO file checksum verification. Although numerous utility is available, including the command line ones, it’s really nice touch to this desktop.

The default desktop view is expected to change in this coming release. The default icons for Computer, Home, Trash and Network are now hidden from the view. Because the Computer is already part of the Panel and others are not used as frequent.

Other noteworthy upcoming changes include Timeshift backports to prior release (Mint 20.x), an updated version of Blueman, etc.

Since it’s a first-point release, you can expect most bug fixes (which is standard for a long-term release) to be included as part of the ISO/upgrade process.

Also, if you are still running Linux Mint 20.x (prior version), then it might be the best version to plan for the upgrade. Ideally, the first point releases are the most stable ones.

That said, let’s wait for the first point release. We might get a BETA copy around early December 2022.

Via The Linux Mint Blog

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