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Get ready to upgrade your video creation with Kdenlive 22.12

Kdenlive 22.12: the free and open-source video editor scores another sizable update.

The best free and open-source video editor – Kdenlive 22.12, released with new filters, UI improvements, user-requested features and bug fixes. This release improves Kdenlive on top of its already existing features and gives you a platform to create professional-quality videos.

Here’s what’s new.

Kdenlive 22.12 Running in Linux Mint
Kdenlive 22.12 Running in Linux Mint

Kdenlive 22.12: New Features

A new “Timelines Guides” dock now lists all the timeline markers in your video project. Click on the timeline video clip to view the markers in this new dock. This is an imp[rovement in the marker features introduced in the past release.

In addition to that, three new audio graph filters were introduced. They are audio level visualization filter, spectrum filter and waveform filter. These can be used in keyframe animations for more granular controls. Talking about keyframes, you can now use the standard CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy/paste keyframes.

Furthermore, if you are working in a complex timeline, you can now remove all the spaces between clips with two new options – remove spaces after playhead and all after playhead.

Two new UI improvements on timeline
Two new UI improvements on timeline

Kdenlive also started work to move to Qt6 from Qt5 build for the upcoming releases. A continuous integration build pipeline is added for Qt6 to check the current build. However, the current version is not yet complete per the transition timeline. However, it is expected that Kdenline will be built with Qt6 as stable by mid of 2023.

On top of the above changes, here are some key updates on this release:

  • More custom colour codes for categories
  • Improved marker management with edit, add/remove multiple markers and import/export.
  • Kdenlive now sends the content of the timeline to Glaxnimate (version >= 0.5.1), which then shows it as background.
  • Set maximum cache with custom data storage size
  • Option to hide the menu bar, replacing it with a hamburger menu
  • The settings panel is cleaned up with better visibility and removed obsolete entries
  • Work underway for Qt6 and KDE Frameworks 6 migration
  • Improved Track composition

Download and upgrade

If you are already running Kdenlive via the official distro repo, you should get this update within a couple of days. Simply update your system to get this version.

Those of you running the Flatpak version, run the following command to get the update.

flatpak update org.kde.kdenlive

For fresh download and installation, visit the following page.

If you prefer Flatpak, you can install this version from Flathub using the following command, after setting up your system as Flatpak.

flatpak install flathub org.kde.kdenlive 

Via release announcement

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