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Home » Firefox 108 unlocks the power of music on the web with new WebMIDI API support

Firefox 108 unlocks the power of music on the web with new WebMIDI API support

Firefox 108 is now available to download, bringing the following new features.

The final Firefox release of this year is here – Firefox 108, closing an eventful year of this free and open-source web browser from Mozilla.

Firefox 108 Running in Ubuntu
Firefox 108 Running in Ubuntu

Firefox 108: Best new features

If you are a music enthusiast, then some good news for you. Firefox now supports the WebMIDI API inside your browser with proper access controls. When you try to access MIDI devices via Firefox, then you get a prompt for installing a “site permission add-on” to enable this API.

In addition, Firefox 108 enabled import maps by default, which means web pages can now control the behaviour of JavaScript imports more easily. And if you use Firefox, you’ll be happy to hear that it now supports proper colour correction for images tagged with ICCv4 profiles.

Furthermore, developers added a handy keyboard shortcut – press SHIFT+ESC to open the Process Manager and quickly identify any processes using too many resources. And on Windows 11, Firefox added efficiency mode for processes used in background tabs to help save on resources.

Elsewhere, your browser’s bookmark toolbar gets an option “Only show on New Tab” state, which now works correctly for blank new tabs. Also improved in this release is the handling of non-ASCII characters while exporting PDF forms from web pages.

If you are a web developer, Firefox 108 also arrives with a handful of Math function updates which are summarised alongside other vital changes:

  • The source element supports height & width attributes when it is a child of a picture element.
  • Trigonometric functions are now enabled with the layout.css.trig.enabled preference set to true by default. This allows the use of sin(), cos(), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan(), and atan2() functions
  • CSS calc-constant type is implemented to allow for well-known constants such as pi and e within math functions
  • Container query length units are now supported via the the layout.css.container-queries.enabled preference, which is set to false by default

Download and update

For Linux distributions, if you used Firefox via your distribution’s official repository, then you should get this update within a couple of days from today.

However, you can also download the compressed version of this release from the below page. For other download options, do visit our Firefox download guide.

Happy browsing!

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