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Puppy Linux 22.12 (S15Pup) Arrives Based on Slackware 15

A new Puppy Linux flavour (Puppy Linux 22.12 S15Pup) is now available based on Slackware 15.

Puppy Linux is a super lightweight distro which runs entirely on RAM and requires a very low memory footprint. It is almost loaded with all the necessary applications for everything you need. It is quite remarkable that the Puppy Linux team managed to package all these applications, which run in low memory and surprisingly within 400 MB of ISO size. There are many variants of Puppy Linux based on Ubuntu and other distros – thanks to the fantastic Puppy Builder Woof-CE.

Puppy Linux 22.12 (s15pup): What’s New

The recent release of Puppy Linux 22.12 is based on the Slackware 15.0 components, which were released in February 2022. At its core, the JWM (Joe’s Window Manager) provides flexibility and good performance in Puppy Linux because it runs off the RAM.

Puppy Linux 22.12 based on Slackware 15
Puppy Linux 22.12 based on Slackware 15

Based on Slackware, Puppy 22.12 comes with Linux Kernel LTS series 5.15 for the 64-bit. And the 5.10 for the 32-bit system. The desktop feel is the same as other Puppy flavours based on the JWM 2.4.3. The JWM is used in other distro-based Puppy flavours as well.

In addition, FFmpeg is loaded with Mplayer for your media playing needs – if at all required in a LIVE system. Also, the “Light” web browser, based on Firefox, gives you easy and performant access to the internet. Alternative browser installation options are also present.

Furthermore, Puppy Linux 22.12 s15pup pre-loads most of the LXDE apps and components for the overall lightweight experience, such as Lxrandr 0.3.2, Lxtask 0.1.10 and Lxterminal 0.4.0.

ISO of this Slackware flavour is less than 400 MB in size, and, amazingly, all of the following applications are pre-loaded on it. Here’s a summary of the key packages in this version:

Abiword 3.0.1Gparted 1.3.1Parcellite 1.2.1
Bash 5.1.016Grep 3.7Rox-filer 17w
Busybox 1.35.0Gtk+2 2.24.33Samba 4.12.15
Cups 2.4.2Gtk+3 3.24.31Sed 4.8
Curl 7.86.0Gtkdialog 0.8.5aSylpheed 3.7.0
Dhcpcd 9.4.1Icu4c 69.1Syslinux 4.07
Didiwiki 0.8Jwm 2.4.3Transmission 2.60
Evince 2.32.0Lxrandr 0.3.2Util-linux 2.37.4
Ffmpeg 4.4.3Lxtask 0.1.10Viewnior 1.7
Gcc 11.2.0Lxterminal 0.4.0Xdelta 30.16
Geany 1.35Mesa 21.3.5Xsane 0.999
Ghostscript 9.55.0MPlayer 1.4
Glib2 2.70.3Mtpaint 3.50.09
Glibc 2.33Ncurses 6.3
Gnumeric 1.10.17Openssl 1.1.1s


Puppy Linux is one of those few distros which still provides a 32-bit installation file alongside 64-bit. You can download this version from the following links for the respective architectures.

If you are running it on a virtual machine, make sure to change the CPU architecture to 64-bit before installing it.

Via release announcement & release notes

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