FreeBSD 12.4 is out with 100+ improvements and fixes

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FreeBSD 12.4 was released a few days back with several updates and improvements. Here’s a release roundup.

FreeBSD is a UNIX-like operating system based on U.C. Berkley’s BSD-Lite version. It is primarily used for core infra systems, routers, networking devices, and possibly running in millions of devices. FreeBSD bundles thousands of packages from desktop apps to core modules, making it easier to build your system running this awesome operating system.

FreeBSD 12.4 Release: Key updates

FreeBSD 12.4 is the 5th release of the current 12 stable series and coming up after a year’s package updates, improvements and bug fixes.

Key changes in the release include the OpenSSL version being updated to 1.1.1q, whereas OpenSSH is bumped up to 9.1p1. The LLVM toolchain suite was also upgraded to 13.0.0. Other key version upgrades include ena kernel driver 2.6.1, file 5.43, libarchieve 3.6.0 and dma 2022-01-27.

FreeBSD 12.4 with Xfce desktop
FreeBSD 12.4 RELEASE with Xfce desktop

Furthermore, this release now allows multiple cores to process traffic to improve performance by if_repair driver. Also, the tcpdump command now allows users to set several rules which will be exposed as part of the pflog header.

On top of that, the telnetd daemon is deprecated in this version which should be noted for network professionals.

The total number of changes and fixes exceeds 100+, which you can read in detail in the change log.

Download and Upgrade

If you are running FreeBSD 12.3 version, you can upgrade your system by issuing the following commands:

freebsd-update -r 12.4-RELEASE upgrade
freebsd-update install

For a fresh download, you can get the ISO image from the following page.

Via announcements & change log.


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