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KDE Team Introduces New Forum: “KDE Discuss”

KDE has rolled out a modern online discussion forum named “KDE Discuss” to offer the community a space for brainstorming, seeking help, and sharing their KDE apps, among other things.

KDE, the popular free and open-source software community, has recently launched a new online discussion forum called “KDE Discuss”. The platform is built using the modern Discourse forum software and aims to provide a place for the KDE community to come together and discuss various topics.

The new forum offers its users a wide range of features, including asking for help, brainstorming ideas, publishing KDE apps, and engaging in ongoing conversations to share skills, knowledge, and interests.

Screenshot of the new KDE Discuss forum
Screenshot of the new KDE Discuss forum

With its modern interface and user-friendly design, the forum promises to be an exciting platform for community members to connect and collaborate.

One of the ways to improve discussions on the platform is to discover ongoing conversations and spend time browsing through topics before starting or replying to a discussion. This approach can help users to connect with like-minded individuals and create meaningful conversations.

In line with the launch of the new forum, the old KDE forum located at will be archived and made read-only. However, the community has not yet provided a specific date for this transition.

Overall, the new KDE Discuss forum promises to be a valuable addition to the community, providing a platform for engaging in discussions and collaboration. With its modern features and user-friendly design, it is poised to become a popular destination for members of the KDE community.

You can visit the forum at the below link and start browsing.

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