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Linux Mint Team Announced “Styles” for Cinnamon Desktop

The Linux Mint team has introduced “styles” in Cinnamon desktop for the upcoming release, Linux Mint 21.2, allowing for easier customization and a visually appealing interface.

In their monthly update post, the Linux Mint team gave a sneak peek of what’s in store for the upcoming release, Linux Mint 21.2. One of the exciting new features that caught the eye was the introduction of “styles” in the Cinnamon desktop.

The next iteration of Cinnamon will present a novel concept known as “styles”. Styles come in three modes: mixed, dark, and light, and each of these modes can have colour “variants”. A variant is a combination of themes that blend together. The goal of styles, modes, and variants is to make it easier to switch to a beautiful-looking interface and quickly browse through available options. You won’t have to find matching elements because styles will do that for you, no matter how many individual themes you have installed.

In the style combo, you will see popular styles such as Adwaita, Mint-X, Mint-Y, among others. Just select one mode, and the colour variants will be displayed. You can switch between styles, modes, and colour variants with a few clicks of a button. However, if you prefer a specific combination of not proposed themes, you can click on “Advanced settings” and choose individual themes.

Adwaita Cinnamon Style
Adwaita Cinnamon Style
Mint-Y Cinnamon Style
Mint-Y Cinnamon Style
Mint-L Cinnamon Style
Mint-L Cinnamon Style

The best part is that everything will work out of the box for everybody. The Linux Mint team wants Cinnamon styles to work well for everyone, including third-party theme artists and other distributions. Cinnamon styles are defined in JSON files in /usr/share/cinnamon/styles.d/. These files are read alphabetically, and styles can override one another if they have the same name. This approach lets distributions or theme artists define their styles while also using Cinnamon’s style definitions.

This entire feature should arrive as part of Linux Mint 21.2 “Victoria” release, due on June 2023. If you want to contribute or want to develop your own theme for Mint, you can create a post in Mint forums.

Linux Mint users have long awaited this new feature and are sure to make the desktop environment more visually appealing and customizable. We can’t wait to see what the Linux Mint team has in store for us with the upcoming release!

Image credits: Linux Mint team, Via announcement

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