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KDE Team Developing a New e-Book Management App: Arianna

KDE introduces Arianna, a new ePub reader app built on Qt and Kirigami with Baloo integration for easy file organization and browsing.

The renowned international free software community KDE is developing a new ePub reader application, Arianna. The app is built on top of Qt and Kirigami, providing a sleek and modern user interface.

Arianna serves as both an ePub viewer and a library management app. The application utilizes Baloo, KDE’s file indexing and search framework, to find and categorize existing ePub files on the user’s device.

The library view of Arianna keeps track of the user’s reading progress and updates with new books as soon as they are downloaded. For those with larger libraries, Arianna offers internal search functionality and the ability to browse books by genre, publisher, or author.

The actual reading interface of Arianna is straightforward, with its sole purpose being to display the content of the book. However, the app does come with useful features such as a progress bar to track the user’s reading progress and keyboard navigability. It also allows users to search within a book for a specific word.

Here are some screenshots from the announcement.

Arianna - Main view
Arianna – Main view
Reading View
Reading View
Author View
Author View

The app is available as Flatpak in Flathub. You need to set up Flatpak/Flathub for your Linux distribution using this guide. And use the following command to install it.

flatpak install flathub org.kde.arianna

Despite its impressive features, one might question the need for another ePub management application when there’s already Calibre, a free and open-source alternative. However, Arianna’s modern and intuitive design, along with its seamless integration with KDE’s ecosystem, makes it a strong contender in the ePub reader space.

In conclusion, Arianna is an exciting new addition to KDE’s vast collection of applications. It offers a sleek and modern design and useful features for managing and reading ePub files. With its ongoing development, users can expect more improvements and enhancements in the future.

Via Carl’s Blog

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