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Garuda Linux Released “Spizaetus” with New Hyperland ISO

The Garuda team has just unveiled their latest release – Garuda Linux “Spizaetus” 20231029. This Arch-based Linux distribution is renowned for its innovative approach to presenting something fresh and exciting, distinguishing it from other Arch Linux variants. In this latest release, Garuda Linux offers various features and improvements that will put you on a distro-hopping spree.

Garuda Linux 20231029 Release
Garuda Linux 20231029 Release

Garuda Linux 20231029: What’s New

One of the key highlights of Garuda Linux has always been its wide range of desktop environments and window managers. With “Spizaetus”, the Garuda team continues to impress by providing almost all the popular choices, catering to a diverse user base.

The “garuda-update” utility has been enhanced to handle conflicts that arose due to recent package name changes during the transition from kf5 to kf6 for Plasma 6 development work. Additionally, it incorporates the Arch Linux repository migration, addressing potential update blockers and keeping your system up to date.

In a move to streamline their offerings and ensure quality maintenance, the Garuda team has decided to discontinue a few editions. This decision affects the MATE, LXQt-Kwin, KDE-git, and Wayfire editions. The team is committed to offering well-maintained options to the public, and regrettably, these editions didn’t meet the criteria. However, I am not sure why MATE and LXQt have been dropped. They are active.

For the adventurous Linux users out there, Garuda Linux introduces the Hyperland Wayland Compositor ISO. This allows you to experience the fancy looks of Hyperland without the need to compile it yourself. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore a new Wayland compositor without the hassle of setting it up manually. Just remember to use the correct default password during installation to ensure a smooth experience, which I couldn’t figure out despite entering “garuda”.

Garuda Linux has bid adieu to Plymouth, the customized boot splash animation tool. Instead, users will be greeted by the terminal output during boot-up. This change is designed to provide a sleeker and more informative boot experience, aligning with Garuda’s commitment to an efficient and visually appealing system.

The Garuda team’s penchant for finding innovative alternatives continues with the introduction of “ugrep.” This tool is set to replace “grep” and comes with a range of amazing features. It’s a part of Garuda’s ongoing effort to enhance the core applications, offering a fresh and improved experience to users.

KDE-git (Plasma 6) Repo

Exciting news for those eager to get a sneak peek at Plasma 6! Garuda Linux is providing early builds of Plasma 6 through a dedicated chaotic-aur-kde repository. While these builds are experimental and not intended for production use, they offer earlier access into the future of the Plasma desktop environment. You can read the detailed instructions on how to get the development version of Plasma 6.


You can download the respective ISO files directly from the below links:

Closing Notes

In conclusion, Garuda Linux “Spizaetus” presents many updates and enhancements that promise to make your Linux experience smoother and more delightful. With an extensive selection of desktop environments, improved performance, and a commitment to aesthetic excellence, Garuda Linux continues to be a top choice for Arch-based distribution enthusiasts.

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