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Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Development Starts, Code Name Announced

The Ubuntu development team has officially kicked off the journey towards the much-anticipated Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release, slated to arrive in April 2024. To add to the anticipation, the team has also unveiled the catchy codename for this release – “Noble Numbat.” If you’ve been following the Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) releases, you know that this is a significant milestone, and it promises to bring some noteworthy changes and enhancements to the world of Ubuntu.

The developers have already been hard at work laying the groundwork for this release. The associated archives and branches have been created, marking the initial steps in the development process. However, it’s important to note that the daily build ISO testing images are not yet available. The delay is due to a substantial amount of syncing currently in progress, and we can expect these testing images to become available in about a week or so.

Now, let’s look into what makes Ubuntu 24.04 LTS a release worth keeping a close eye on. One of the most intriguing developments is the potential inclusion of an experimental immutable ISO, which will be based entirely on Ubuntu’s package format, Snap.

In addition to the Snap-based ISO, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS will come bundled with the latest iteration of the GNOME desktop environment, GNOME 46. This brings a host of improvements, refinements, and new features to the desktop, ensuring a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience. In addition, this release will also feature the latest mainline Linux Kernel, whichever is available by the end of 2023.

As for the release timeline, mark your calendars with these important dates:

  • February 29, 2024 – Feature Freeze: This is when the development team will freeze new feature additions, ensuring that the focus shifts to refining and stabilizing the existing features.
  • March 21, 2024 – User Interface Freeze: A critical milestone where changes to the user interface will be locked down, guaranteeing a consistent and polished user experience.
  • April 4, 2024 – Ubuntu 24.04 Beta: An exciting phase where users can get a hands-on look at the upcoming release and provide valuable feedback.
  • April 11, 2024 – Kernel Freeze: At this point, the kernel will be locked in, ensuring that it remains consistent and dependable.
  • April 25, 2024 – Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Released: The big day! This is when we can all get our hands on the final, stable release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

It’s important to keep in mind that these dates are tentative and subject to change as the development cycle progresses. We’ll be following the development closely, so stay tuned for more updates as we move forward on this exciting journey toward Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

Keep a watch on the development progress in the Launchpad! Also, the daily build ISO will arrive in the below link in a few days.

Via OMG! Ubuntu!

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