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Flameshot 12.0.0 Released with Movable Layer, New Magnifier and 20+ Bug Fixes

The fantastic Flameshot screenshot tool released its latest version, 12.0.0, today with many exciting changes. We round up the release in this post.

Flameshot is a program for taking screenshots. It has an interactive GUI with controls to select the desired capture region, move and resize the capture window, make edits with familiar drawing tools (pencil, line, rectangle, circle, blur, undo/redo), and choose the output destination (copy to clipboard, save to disk, upload to Imgur, open with another program).

Flameshot is one of the best free and open-source screenshot programs, which begins with its unique interactive user interface to capture your desired screen. Its sleek UI gives you options such as capture screen, region, move and resize the region handle, etc. In addition, you can also take advantage of its essential drawing tools such as pencil, line, rectangles, etc.

Flameshot 12.0.0
Flameshot 12.0.0

Flameshot 12.0.0 Release – What’s New

This release brings some much-needed features after six months since Flameshot 11.0.0. Firstly, the drawing layers on top of the image are now movable. That means you can perform functions like “bring to top” or “send to back”, as shown below.

Flameshot 12.0.0 Layers
Flameshot 12.0.0 Layers

Secondly, the colour picker gets more advanced with a new colour spinbox with the option to manually enter your HEX colour code. In addition, Add button adds the custom colour code to the colour wheel, and Flameshot deletes the colours from the spin-wheel after pressing Del from the keyboard.

Another exciting addition in this release is a new magnifier that helps you choose those complex corners via the cross-hair cursor. In addition, you now have the option to make the magnifier Circle or Square as per your taste. This amazing feature can be enabled via Configuration > General > Show Magnifier.

Flameshot 12.0.0 Magnifier
Flameshot 12.0.0 Magnifier

Moreover, a super exciting change which saves the last selected region coordinates and pre-populates it via cache for your next screenshot window. I believe this nifty feature will save so much time for many users.

Other than that, Flameshot 12.0.0 brings your custom Imgur API key to configure to upload to the Imgur image sharing platform directly. Earlier, the developer’s API key was used, which crossed limits due to its popularity.

Finally, a list of 29 bug fixes in this release makes it a solid screenshot program for FOSS lovers.

Read the official change log present here via GitHub to learn more about the changes in Flameshot 12.0.0 release.

Download and Install

  • Arch Linux users must wait for a couple of days until the Arch repo is refreshed. Then you can update via the pacman using the following commands.
pacman -S flameshot
  • For Ubuntu, Debian, and Linux Mint users – you can remove the current version from your system and download the following Deb file to install.
  • Fedora and RHEL and related distro users, get the RPM file here.
  • Snap, Flatpak and AppImage versions are available in the below link if you prefer them.

To download, visit this link and go to the Assets section.

A superb release nonetheless. Enjoy the new features of flameshot and unleash your creativity in your screenshots!

Via the official release announcements.

Image credits: Flameshot

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