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Thunderbird 102 Gets Makeover with New Colourful Icons, Redesigned UI

Thunderbird 102 is now available for download for Linux, Windows and macOS.

Thunderbird 102
Thunderbird 102

The popular free and open-source desktop email client Thunderbird 102 was released with a complete UI revamp, feature updates and Matrix protocol support.

Thunderbird 102

First and foremost, the newly designed and colourful email folder icons on the main panel give you a professional feel. In addition, the refreshed app icons all around stimulate the eyes.

Thunderbird 102 Spaces Toolbar
Thunderbird 102 Spaces Toolbar

Those who have used commercial email client (like Outlook) for a decade or more know what impact the new icons brings. For heavy email users, the refreshed icons and colours enable you to navigate between Inbox, Search and other tasks.

For example, if you receive thousands of emails daily, and want to juggle between custom folders, sent emails and others – this update is a blessing. Here’s a side-by-side comparison.

Thunderbird 102 Mail folder icons
Thunderbird 102 Mail folder icons

Moreover, a new “Spaces” toolbar on the extreme left of Thunderbird 102 debuts. The new Spaces toolbar enables easy access to Contacts, Mail, Calendar, Tasks and Matrix messaging tab access.

If you fancy more customization, you can further colourize the Space toolbar, which is also collapsible.

Apart from the above changes, the primary message header gets a much-needed design refresh in terms of look and functionality. The message header of an email is vital because it gives you info about the sender, whether its a junk or checking additional detail as header embeds.

Message Header gets cleaner
Message Header gets cleaner

Thunderbird 102 message header re-arranged to give you more clarity and options to customize it.

Do you like Matrix chat? I’m sure you do. Thunderbird 102 brings out-of-the-box support for the decentralized messaging protocol Matrix.

Other noteworthy changes include a revamped address book with vCard support, an import-export wizard and 100+ bug fixes. For more details, dive into the change log here.

Download and Install

For Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Fedora distribution users, you should be able to download this version as Flatpak and Snap within a few days. The long-term support releases such as Ubuntu 22.04 LTS would take some time to package this. So, your best bet is to install it as Flatpak when available.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait, download the pre-compiled executable from the official website.

Via announcement.
Some image credits: Thunderbird

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