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Budgie Desktop is Almost ready for Fedora Rawhide

The Budgie dev team submitted the Budgie desktop packages to be included in Fedora Rawhide.

A couple of months back, in May 2022, I initially reported that an official Fedora Budgie spin is under development. Since then, a whole lot of milestones completed by the Budgie team so that this fantastic desktop can be installed in Fedora officially.

Fedora Budgie is soon to be in Rawhide

The initial work proposal, which contained the review of sources and packages of the core components of the Budgie desktop, is now complete. All four major work items related to desktop, desktop-view, control center and screensaver are now closed and approved.

As a result, the official Pagure repo is now created in Fedora central sources repo, and sources are added to the Fedora update system (Bodhi) for automated builds and deployments.

Budgie desktop and components is submitted in bodhi for Rawhide
Budgie desktop and components are submitted in bodhi for Rawhide

Since the current Fedora 37 release was already nearing BETA and branched out from Rawhide, the Budgie desktop is aiming for Fedora 38 in Rawhide (my optimistic guess). As I mentioned Fedora 37 here, don’t forget to check out our official feature highlights of Fedora 37, which brings GNOME 43 and other new techs.

Coming back to the topic, as of writing this post, it’s not yet landed in the Rawhide branch/iso of Fedora 38. But soon it will be.

A welcome move

Budgie desktop, written in GTK, C and Vala, has a different user base. It is a fast, lightweight, modern and super efficient desktop environment.

At the moment, Fedora provides all the major desktop environments, except budgie, as an official package. And it will change soon.

Looking at the timeline, hopefully, you can get an official Budgie desktop from Fedora 38 release onwards. Fedora 38 is planned for release in the first half of 2023. Since the desktop and other components are in, whether there will be an official spin as Fedora Budgie – is still a question.

Stay tuned; more to come in the coming few weeks.

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