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MX Linux 21.2 Released with Kernel 5.18 and 5.10

Lightweight distro MX Linux “keeping the lights on” with the new maintenance release: MX Linux 21.2 “Wildflower”.

MX Linux 21.2

MX Linux 21.2 is the second point release of the 21.x series and coming after three months since the 21.1 release. Usually, MX Linux follows Debian release cycle as it is based on Debian stable release.

This release is the standard maintenance release which brings the updated Debian 11.4 “bullseye” base and mainline Kernel updates.

MX Linux 21.2 Desktop (Fluxbox)
MX Linux 21.2 Desktop (Fluxbox)

MX Linux offers two Kernel variants. First one is the long term support (LTS) Kernel and the other one is the advanced hardware support (AHS) Kernel. The AHS Kernel brings latest hardware support and features the latest mainline Kernel.

With that said, this release features the Linux Kernel 5.18 for AHS version of MX Linux and all the refreshed packages as of today.

Other noteworthy changes includes, a new UEFI management tool added to mx-boot-options, new GUI wrapper for quick-system-info for users for easy copy/paste in forums.

Also added in this release is a new Kernel clean up tool on mx-cleanup, new option to disable Bluetooth in mx-tweak and a new mxfb-look tool for Fluxbox version for easy saving and restoring of themes.

Alongside these changes, you get a bunch of bug fixes and improvements in native MX applications and as always latest firmware for your new hardware via the AHS Kernel.

Download or Upgrade

Upgrading to this point release of MX Linux is easy with the “MX Updater” tool available via the application menu.

Also, you can opt for the terminal method using the following commands for update.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

If you are planning for a fresh installation, get the ISO images for respective versions and desktops via the below links.

If you need assistance on anything related to MX Linux, you can create a topic in the MX Linux forums.

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