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Converseen Scores A Minor Update with Improved WebP Support

A new minor release, Converseen, is now available, which brings updated WebP image support.

Converseen is a free and open-source batch image converter for Linux systems. Using Converseen, you can convert, resize, rotate and flip many images with a single click. Furthermore, Converseen can transform an entire PDF file into images with the characteristics per user preferences.

Some of the key features of Converseen include:

  • Support for 50+ images and other formats
  • Carry out single or multiple conversions.
  • Resize one or multiple images.
  • Compress images for your web pages.
  • Rotate and flip images.
  • Rename images using a progressive number or a prefix/suffix.
  • Resampling filter support
  • Convert an entire PDF to a bunch of images.
  • Extract an image from a Windows icon file (*ico).
  • WebP support

Converseen New Features

Since it’s a minor release, there are not many updates in this release. The highlighted change include the improved WebP image quality settings. WebP is the next-gen image format developed by Google for faster page loads on websites.

You can now choose the quality settings in this release while converting to WebP images since it supports lossy and lossless compression. Also, this iteration includes the compression method and the dithering processing option for WebP images.

Converseen 0.9.10 - WebP Options
Converseen 0.9.10 – WebP Options

Furthermore, Converseen now enables you to remove the EXIF metadata from the images using ImageMagick -strip function with the -auto-orient operator.

So, those are the two key changes in this release.


Converseen is available in Flatpak, AppImage and Snap format. It’s also available in BSD systems. You can download it using the following pages. If you use Flatpak, make sure to set up your system as Flatpak and install it using the following command.

flatpak install net.fasterland.converseen

Via Announcement.

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