Archcraft 2022.04 Now Available to Download After Major Cleanup of Packages

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Archcraft April 2022 release is now available for download with updated applications and bug fixes.

Archcraft is a super lightweight Arch Linux based Linux distribution that primarily features the Openbox and BSPWM window managers with a clean look and built-in themes.

Archcraft 2022.04 Release (Openbox)
Archcraft 2022.04 Release (Openbox)

Archcraft 2022.04 Release – Changes

Archcraft team announced the regular ISO refresh, which is the first release of 2022 and comes two months after the prior release in February 2022. This release improves the overall desktop experience by introducing updated applications and packages.

Firstly, the primary window manager Openbox sees updated style scripts, polybar and rofi are cleaned up with extra items. The launcher, polybar, and wallpaper generator also see some cleanup work.

In addition to that, the Thunar file manager now defaults for BSPWM, and the terminal font is changed. This version now uses a single lock screen for all window managers.

Uniform lock and login screen for all WMs in Archcraft
Uniform lock and login screen for all WMs in Archcraft

Furthermore, the bug fix and cleanup list are a little high. The bug fixes on this release include network menu height fixes, correction of dunst layouts, and ABIF installer fixes user creation.

Also, the cleanup work is a little larger in this release. That includes removing significant packages such as pamac, pcmanfm, leafpad, bmon, bashtop and neovim. The team also removed specific tasks, color-picker, and wallpaper-generator scripts.

Summary and Download

Lastly, overall applications bump up to their latest stable version and a quick summary is here for you.

  • chromium (100.0.4896.88)
  • firefox (99.0.1)
  • gimp (2.10.30)
  • inkscape (1.1.2)
  • k3b (21.12.3)
  • libreoffice (7.3.2)
  • openbox (3.6.1)

Overall, major cleanup works were completed in this ISO refresh which you can download using the links below.

If you would like to read the changelog, get it over here for further details.

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