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Links 2.26 Minimal Web Browser Brings DNS Over HTTPS and WebP Support

The Links 2.26 web browser brings a handful of changes following the technology trends. We wrap up this release in this post.

Last week, the developer of the Links web browser announced the release of Links 2.26 which brings several new features and improvements.

For those who are not aware of Links web browser, it is a minimal web browser that features both graphical and console mode. If you use the console mode of the Links web browser, you can also view the colours if supported by the underlying terminal such as xterm.

It is worth mentioning that, the browser follows HTML 4.0 protocol and ignores CSS and Javascript while giving you support for SSL/TLS and other features. Hence it is a very fast web browser.

Links 2.26 Minimal Browser
Links 2.26 Minimal Browser

Links 2.26 – What’s New

Coming back to the release, Links 2.26 introduces the DNS over HTTPS in this release. In addition to that, the graphical model of this browser now supports the modern WebP image format.

Furthermore, this release also brings the ability to call an external handler for Gopher protocol which is an internet document view/retrieve protocol from the remote web servers.

Apart from this, an improvement is added when TD HTML tags are not available for child TR tags. Also, several performance improvements across the network interface, bookmarking module and bug fixes to land in this release.

Finally, if you want the latest version, you can download the source code from the link below and follow the instruction to compile it.

tar xzvf links-2.26.tar.gz && cd links-2.26
./configure --enable-graphics
sudo make install

Additionally, the latest version should be available soon to your favourite Linux distribution’s official release channel and when it does, you can install links via the sample commands present below.

sudo apt install links
sudo pacman -S links
sudo snap install links

Via changelog

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