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Alpine Linux 3.18 Released with Kernel 6.1, GNOME 44

A new point release of Alpine Linux 3.18 is here with new Kernel 6.1 and more updates.

Alpine Linux, the lightweight and security-focused distribution, has just unveiled its latest release, Alpine Linux 3.18.0, marking the debut of the v3.18 stable series. Packed with exciting updates and improvements, this release brings a host of new features, enhanced functionality, and the latest versions of popular software components.

One of the key highlights of Alpine Linux 3.18 is the inclusion of Linux kernel 6.1, which comes with initial Rust support and the latest GPU and CPU updates. Alpine Linux 3.18.0 ensures enhanced security by verifying the authenticity and integrity of the modules. However, it is important to note that the verification of modules is not enforced by default, allowing third-party modules with akms to continue functioning seamlessly.

Alpine Linux 3.18
Alpine Linux 3.18

In addition to the upgraded kernel, Alpine Linux 3.18 boasts musl libc 1.2.4, which now includes TCP fallback in the DNS resolver. This feature enhances the robustness of network communications and ensures reliable DNS resolution, even in challenging network conditions.

Developers will be delighted to find updated versions of popular programming languages in this release. Python 3.11, Ruby 3.2, and Node.js (current) 20.1 are included, providing a powerful toolkit for creating a wide range of applications. These updated language versions bring various performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features to enrich the development experience.

The graphical desktop environment GNOME also receives a significant upgrade in Alpine Linux 3.18, with the inclusion of GNOME 44. This latest iteration of GNOME introduces native background apps, a long-pending image preview feature in Files and more such as updates which you can read on my detailed feature overview page.

Other notable updates in Alpine Linux 3.18 include the addition of Go 1.20, KDE Plasma 5.27, and Rust 1.69. These updates ensure that developers have access to the latest tools and frameworks to create cutting-edge applications.

Alpine Linux 3.18 also introduces experimental support for unattended installations via tiny-cloud. This feature allows for automated and streamlined deployments, making it easier for system administrators to set up and configure Alpine Linux on multiple machines. The tiny-cloud functionality opens up new possibilities for efficient and scalable deployments in cloud and virtualized environments.

Furthermore, Alpine Linux 3.18 brings significant optimization in terms of package size. All packages for ppc64le, x86, and x86_64 have been linked with DT_RELR, resulting in reduced sizes of compiled binaries. This optimization helps conserve storage space and contributes to faster package installation and lower resource consumption.

To further optimize the installation process, Alpine Linux 3.18 now offers separate packages for Python pre-compiled files (pyc). This means users can choose to install only the necessary components, saving valuable disk space by excluding the pyc files.

You can download Alpine Linux 3.18 from the below page:

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