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Alpine Linux 3.17 is out with OpenSSL 3.0 and new packages

Container Linux operating system Alpine Linux released version 3.17. This is a release summary.

Alpine Linux 3.17
Alpine Linux 3.17

Alpine Linux 3.17

Alpine Linux 3.17 is the first major release of this series, coming within a few months since its last iteration of the 3.16 series beginning this year. Usually, the Alpine team releases it twice a year. And hence this will be the final release of this year.

Feature-wise, mostly the core package updates arrives in Alpine 3.17 – those are needed. The most significant update is the OpenSSL 3.0 version as default, bringing the recent high vulnerability fixes, which caused delays in some distro releases.

In addition, the Alpine core repo is refreshed with an updated toolchain. Significant versions include GCC 12, bash 5.2, Perl 5.36 and Rust 1.64.

Although Alpine Linux is ideal for server-based distributions, its repo has GNOME and KDE Plasma desktops. This release refreshed GNOME version 43 and KDE Plasma to 5.26 – which are the latest offerings of this distribution.

However, PHP 8 is deprecated in this version. Finally, it is powered by Linux kernel 5.15.79, which is the current LTS mainline kernel available.

Alpine Linux is available for download for all major architectures, including Raspberry Pi. This version is available to download using the official website below.

If you are using Alpine Linux 3.16, you can simply kick off the upgrade using the following command.

apk upgrade --available

Via official release announcement.

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