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Alacritty 0.13 Released with Enhanced Configurability

Alacritty, the popular Rust-based, OpenGL-powered terminal emulator, has just received a significant update: version 0.13. This release doesn’t just maintain Alacritty’s lightning-fast reputation, it expands its feature set and refines its user experience, making it an even more enticing option for terminal enthusiasts.

Let’s round up the key features of this release.

Key Highlights of Alacritty 0.13

  • Enhanced Input Flexibility: Dead key support allows for complex character combinations like accented vowels. Utilize your back and forward mouse buttons with custom keybindings for streamlined workflows.
  • Improved Window Management: Copy global IPC options to quickly configure new windows with your preferred settings. Leverage the start-up notify protocol to ensure your Alacritty session instantly grabs your attention on Wayland or X11.
  • Deeper Customization: A new debug option prioritizes EGL for even more control over rendering performance. Experience the familiar feel of vi-mode searching directly within the terminal window.
  • Expanded Compatibility: Alacritty now understands Kitty’s keyboard protocol, opening doors to broader peripheral integration.

In addition to the above, Alacritty 0.13 delivers many additional improvements and bug fixes. Developers will appreciate better error handling and logging for debugging purposes. Users can expect smoother scrolling, cleaner fonts under specific configurations, and various accessibility enhancements.

Alacritty 0.13
Alacritty 0.13


Here’s a summary of the changes in this release:

  • Enhanced Configurability:
    • TOML configuration format for improved readability and maintainability.
    • Warnings for unused configuration options to streamline setup.
    • New options for blur effects, inline vi-mode search, and more.
  • Expanded Platform Support:
    • Dynamic conpty.dll loading on Windows for better compatibility.
    • Startup notify protocol support for Wayland and X11 for seamless window management.
    • Tab navigation bindings on macOS for efficient workflow.
  • Improved Feature Set:
    • Support for dead keys in keybindings, back/forward mouse buttons, and kitty’s keyboard protocol.
    • Copy global IPC options for new windows to maintain consistency.
    • Inline vi-mode search for efficient text navigation.
    • Blur effect for transparent windows (optional).
  • Bug Fixes and Refinements:
    • Resolution of Wayland-specific issues, clipboard behaviors, and crashes.
    • Optimization of memory usage and IME popup visibility.
    • Default colorscheme update for enhanced visual appeal.
    • Font size adjustments and bell animation improvements for smoother user experience.

For developers:

  • Synchronized updates now use CSI 2026 for compatibility.
  • Deprecated config options have been replaced with updated alternatives.


If you’re seeking a terminal emulator that blends blistering speed with a wealth of customization options, Alacritty 0.13 is an absolute must-try. You can download the source and macOS dmg packages from this page.

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