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Alacritty 0.13 Released with Enhanced Configurability

Alacritty, the popular Rust-based, OpenGL-powered terminal emulator, has just received a significant update: version 0.13. This release doesn’t just maintain Alacritty’s lightning-fast reputation, it expands its feature set and refines its user experience, making it an even more enticing option for terminal enthusiasts.

Let’s round up the key features of this release.

Key Highlights of Alacritty 0.13

In addition to the above, Alacritty 0.13 delivers many additional improvements and bug fixes. Developers will appreciate better error handling and logging for debugging purposes. Users can expect smoother scrolling, cleaner fonts under specific configurations, and various accessibility enhancements.

Alacritty 0.13


Here’s a summary of the changes in this release:

For developers:


If you’re seeking a terminal emulator that blends blistering speed with a wealth of customization options, Alacritty 0.13 is an absolute must-try. You can download the source and macOS dmg packages from this page.

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