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Latte Dock Departs as XeroLinux 2023.11 Arrives

XeroLinux has garnered a dedicated following for its focus on delivering an eye-catching desktop experience, enriched with the latest software packages and, notably, a pre-configured KDE Plasma environment. If you’re someone who seeks the captivating aesthetics and functionality of KDE Plasma without the hassle of configuring the desktop, XeroLinux could be your go-to choice.

The headline feature of this distribution is its utilization of a pre-configured Latte dock (now replaced) in conjunction with Kvantum to give your desktop a distinctive and visually appealing appearance. This combination has been a hallmark of XeroLinux, and it’s not surprising that it continues to be a standout feature in the latest release.

XeroLinux 2023.11 Desktop

With XeroLinux 2023.11, you can expect a set of important changes and updates, aligning it with the latest developments in the Linux ecosystem. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

Arch Kernel Update: The distribution now ships with Arch Kernel version 6.5.9, ensuring you have access to the latest kernel features and improvements.

XFS Support Dropped: Due to issues with Calamares, XFS support has been discontinued in this release. Users relying on XFS file systems may need to consider alternative options.

Farewell to Latte Dock: While the Latte Dock has been a defining feature of XeroLinux, it has been dropped in this release on Wayland due to technical issues. Latte Dock already discontinued its development and many distributions are dropping this great application. This change might have some users adapting to a different desktop experience. The team replaced it with the KDE Plasma panel, and it looks great. Here’s a comparison between the earlier Latte Dock and the current Plasma panel in XeroLinux.

(earlier) XeroLinux Latte Dock
Current dock (Plasma Panel)

Enhanced nVidia Driver Support: A welcome addition for nVidia users is the optimization of the nVidia drivers script to include Wayland support, promising a more versatile and efficient graphics experience.

KDE Plasma Updates: For those who revel in the glory of KDE Plasma, XeroLinux 2023.11 has made sure to keep things up to date. Expect updated QT5 libraries to version 5.15.11 and KDE Frameworks to version 5.111. The display server has also been updated and continues to serve as a fallback option for Wayland.

Fan Control KCM: For laptop users, there’s a new addition to the KDE Settings panel – Fan Control KCM. This enhancement allows you to fine-tune and manage your laptop’s fan settings for an optimal cooling experience.

A significant shift that XeroLinux has made over the past year is the move to a single ISO image that encompasses all the distribution’s features. This streamlines the installation process and ensures that you can experience all the goodness that XeroLinux has to offer from a single source.

If this new release piques your interest, you can download the latest ISO from the official XeroLinux project page on SourceForge: XeroLinux 2023.11 ISO Download

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