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Manjaro Linux 22 “Sikaris” released with Kernel 6.1, GNOME 43 and Xfce 4.18

A new major release Manjaro Linux 22, is out, bringing the latest and greatest software to this rolling release distribution.

Manjaro 22 KDE Plasma

Manjaro 22 “Sikaris” major release is coming up after more than a year since Manjaro 21.0 release with all the bug fixes and updates from rolling release packages.

What’s New in Manjaro 22 Release

Major highlights of this release are the three major desktop offerings, i.e. GNOME, KDE Plasma and Xfce, getting their latest version with core modules and apps.

In addition, the latest Linux Kernel 6.1 is now available with the latest hardware updates following the Arch Linux ISO refresh. Moreover, the older mainline Kernel 5.15 LTS and 5.10 is still available to install additionally, giving you more flexibility in using Manjaro Linux.

Let’s quickly glance through the highlights of the three major desktop versions.

KDE Plasma desktop version is bumped up in this release with 5.26. This release of Plasma desktop is significant because it brings some interesting updates. Firstly, you can now set animated wallpaper in KDE Plasma desktop with option to choose avif and heif images as wallpaper.

Secondly, it is now possible to set dark and light mode wallpaper in KDE Plasma desktop and the wallpaper can change as you switch between Breeze dark and light theme. Also the kick-off menu gets an alphabet based navigation page for faster processing and its resizable. All of these changes including a much more features you can read our KDE Plasma 5.26 feature guide.

The GNOME desktop version is bumped up in this release to GNOME 43 which features a redesign quick settings menu, high-resolution scroll wheel support and improved performance. Furthermore, the GNOME Files gets adaptive sidebar, emblems, subberband selection and many such updates. You can read more about GNOME 43 features in this page.

Finally, the recently released Xfce 4.18 release arrives in Manjaro bringing two years worth of updates. And it’s significant to experience. Learn more about Xfce 4.18 here.

Manjaro 22 Release: Download Links

If you are running Manjaro 21 series, then you can upgrade your system using the following command via the terminal.

sudo pacman -Syu

You can head over to the following pages to download the favourite flavour of Manjaro 22 “Sikaris”. And then you can install it in your physical system or use a Virtual machine.

FlavourISO linkTorrentSHA256 checksum (how to verify)
KDE Plasmamanjaro-kde-22.0-221224-linux61.isomanjaro-kde-22.0-221224-linux61.iso.torrentmanjaro-kde-22.0-221224-linux61.iso.sha256

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