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WhatsApp Plans to Increase Delete Message Time to Two Days

Since Facebook (now Meta) bought the WhatsApp messaging client, it has been bringing more and more features to its users to compete with related platforms.

As per recent reports, WhatsApp will give you more time to delete the messages after you send them.

The report says that the current “Delete for Everyone” feature in WhatsApp will get a significant feature.

It is also found that the company started rolling out the feature to more BETA testers last week across several countries.

WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ Feature extending to two days

WhatsApp Delete Message Options
WhatsApp Delete Message Options

Currently, the “Delete for Everyone” allows deleting the messages within one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds since you sent them. The new feature plans to increase the deletion window from 12 hours to two days.

As per the reports, the “Delete for Everyone” for up to two days is currently under test for iOS users on iPhones. 

It is evident that, after the test is successful, the new feature will be available for millions of users worldwide for the Android platform.

Currently, there is no notification to the receiver when a user deletes a message. Not only that, but the deletion process also adds a notification “This message was deleted” for WhatsApp. In addition, the “This message was deleted.” in the chatbox remains the same as it is today.

Moreover, another new feature is expected to assist the group admins. The group admins can now have the authority to delete any messages sent by group participants and permanently remove them from the server.

This particular feature might arrive soon, as it is currently in development. However, the new extended time for deleting messages would come soon.

Make sure to keep your app updated on Android or iOS to experience this feature immediately when it arrives.

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