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Home » DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.08: Ubuntu Pro, System 76’s Iced toolkit Decision and More

DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.08: Ubuntu Pro, System 76’s Iced toolkit Decision and More

Here’s the weekly roundup #22.08 for you across the GNU/Linux and tech world.

Welcome to the DebugPoint Weekly roundup #22.08, where you can find all the happenings from this week, mainly from the Linux and open-source space. It’s been an eventful week where many distro updates arrived, whereas some significant releases from major apps.

Here’s what happened this week.

DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.08

🎯 Spotlight updates from GNU/Linux

  • A nice Twitter thread from Asahi Lina (Linux developer working in Apple Silicon) on why Rust in Kernel is better than C. [Read the Twitter thread]
  • Pop OS officially evaluating the Iced toolkit for the new COSMIC desktop, leaving GTK. [Reddit thread]
  • SUSE Linux announces the first availability of its Adaptable Linux Platform. [Read More]

📌 Top Articles this week from DebugPoint

🖥️ Desktop Environment and Linux Distro

  • Good News! Mesa Package with Hardware Acceleration is Arriving in RPM Fusion. [Read More]
  • Debian Votes for One Installer ISO with Non-Free Firmware. [Read More]
  • Debian 12 Picks Up Ubuntu’s Triple Buffering Patch for GNOME. [Read More]
  • Linux Lite 6.2 RC1 is out, inching towards the final release. [Read More]
  • Microsoft announces Linux Desktop Support (starting with Ubuntu) in its enterprise device management app Microsoft Intune. [Read More]
  • Canonical launches free personal Ubuntu Pro subscriptions for up to five machines. [Read More]
  • KDE-based KaOS releases its October 2022 snapshot with updated installation options in Calamares. [Read More]

🔖 Application Updates

  • Wireshark 4.0 was released with the improved network filter and more. [Read More]
  • IceWM 3.0.1 was released with new features and bug fixes. [Read More]
  • Planetarium app Stellarium reached version 1.0 after two decades. [Read More]
  • LibreOffice Conference 2022 kicked off this week in Italy. [View the event]

💡 Interesting updates across the web

  • An excellent read on Bill Gates’s evil prophecy and pluton chip. [Read on]
  • Heated debate & discussion on System 76’s Iced toolkit decision on Reddit. [Read the thread]

Wrapping Up

That’s about this week’s weekly roundup #22.08. Please let me know in the comment box if you know of some exciting news stories we might have missed this week.

See you in the next round-up. Happy weekend.

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