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Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix Becomes Official Flavour

You can now experience the official Cinnamon desktop using the official Ubuntu Cinnamon flavour.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.04 Desktop
Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.04 Desktop

After three years of being an unofficial remix of Ubuntu, paired with Linux Mint’s Cinnamon desktop environment, Ubuntu Cinnamon has finally been granted official status. The following month’s release of Ubuntu 23.04, “Lunar Lobster”, will feature Ubuntu Cinnamon as an official flavour.

The persistence and maintenance of the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix distro by its set of volunteers, coupled with a robust community that interacts with upstream Ubuntu, has made it possible for Ubuntu Cinnamon to be recognized as an official flavour. This recognition is a significant milestone for Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.04 “Lunar Lobster” features the latest Cinnamon desktop environment, version 5.6.7, alongside native applications and packages.

With the official status, this flavour has the opportunity to participate in the Long Term Support (LTS) release, which is due in April next year. As per the standard, Ubuntu requires two non-LTS releases before a flavour becomes eligible for LTS.

In this context, the Linux Mint Cinnamon edition might be just a clone of Ubuntu Cinnamon – without Snap. However, the current test copy doesn’t seem to have Snap installed by default. But as per Ubuntu’s announcement a few days back, Ubuntu Cinnamon also would install Snap by default, including Firefox. Flatpak is not installed either.

Snap and Firefox is not included yet by default
Snap and Firefox are not included yet by default

The current test copy has no web browser installed; hence not sure about the Firefox package format. I believe it would be included before the BETA release which is due on March 30, 2023.

For those who want to try out existing Ubuntu Cinnamon releases, visit the official website – Besides, there are daily build ISOs of Ubuntu Cinnamon against Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar for those who want to help test it before the final release.

Via announcement 1 and announcement 2.

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