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Ubuntu 23.10 Reveals Codename: “Mantic Minotaur”

The team behind the Ubuntu operating system has revealed the codename for its next release, and it’s an exciting one.

As per the Ubuntu development platform Launchpad, Ubuntu 23.10 will be known as “Mantic Minotaur”. While this name may not carry any deep meaning, it certainly has a ring to it.

The name is a combination of two words: “Mantic” and “Minotaur”. “Mantic” refers to divination or prophecy, while “Minotaur” is a half-man, half-bull creature from Greek mythology. Although the combination of the two words may not carry any hidden meaning, it does make for an interesting codename.

In the past, Ubuntu codenames often had a cryptic meaning or conveyed a specific message about the release. However, in recent times, the codenames have become more light-hearted and quirky. From the “Disco Dingo” to the “Hirsute Hippo”, the codenames are chosen because they are fun and playful.

The Mantic Minotaur may not fit the mammal-based mascot mold, but it is not the first mythological creature to be used as a codename. The Wily Werewolf and Jaunty Jackalope are just a couple of examples of the team’s use of mythical creatures in the past.

Ubuntu 23.10 is scheduled for release on October 12, 2023. While the team has not revealed much about what we can expect from the release, we can assume that it will feature a new Linux kernel and updated graphics drivers. We can also expect to see GNOME 45 and further development on the Flutter-based installer.

What do you think of the new codename? Do you have any wishes for the upcoming release? Let us know in the comments.

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