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Transmission 4.0.0 Released with BitTorrent v2 Support, Code Cleanups

Free and open-source BitTorrent client Transmission 4.0.0 is here with sizable updates. This is what’s new.

Transmission is a popular desktop and web-based cross-platform torrent client, perhaps used by thousands of users. It is also the default torrent client for many Linux distributions.

The project is active and continuously improved with new web protocols related to communication, downloading and torrenting.

A new major release, Transmission 4.0.0, is out now after more than a year of development. This release brings dozens of new features, hundreds of bug fixes and much-needed code cleanups. Thanks to many contributors and developers, the “go-to” torrent client has become much more stable and advanced.

Here’s a quick feature roundup.

Transmission BitTorrent Client
Transmission BitTorrent Client

Transmission 4.0.0: Key Highlights

Transmission is a two-decade-old application, and the programming language behind it is as well. Hence to survive, it must clean up the older code base and adopt a modern language. Transmission 4.0.0 code base completely migrated from C to C++, cleaning up thousands of lines of C code and replacing them with C++ modules. The team boasts that the code base has been reduced by 18% and refactored so that it can be maintained easily in the future.

In addition, the desktop GTK client now uses gtkmm (C++ Interfaces for GTK and GNOME), and the web client now uses modern JavaScript replacing the JQuery library. All these changes and several fixes for refactoring yield 50% fewer CPU cycles and 70% fewer memory allocations when used with 25k torrent files!

Transmission 4.0.0
Transmission 4.0.0

Transmission 4.0.0 also introduces the latest BitTorrent v2 protocol support, including hybrid torrents. However, you can not create a hybrid torrent in this release which is planned for the future. Also, the current release supports the IPv6 blocklist to be safe while downloading files. When you add or get a new seeder, it can start immediately without needing full verification, enabling a faster download start. If you were facing a minute or two delays to start the torrent earlier, now it won’t be.

These are the main highlight features, alongside hundreds of bug fixes from the contributors. You can read more about this release in the official change log.


The major Linux distributions, Flatpak repo, are yet to be updated with this version as of publishing this. You need to wait a few days to get this latest version.

Windows and macOS users can get the pre-compiled set up file from the below page. Also, you can get the source here for compilation.

Via announcement and changelog.

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