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Scrcpy 2.0 Released with Audio Forwarding from Android to PC

A new release of Scrcpy 2.0 is here with the most requested feature of audio forwarding.

Scrcpy, a free and open-source tool that allows users to control their Android devices from their computer. It has released its latest version, Scrcpy 2.0. With this newest update, users can now mirror their Android screens on not only their computer but also forward audio from their device to their computer.

Scrcpy running - Image credit Reddit
Scrcpy running – Image credit Reddit

Scrcpy 2.0: New features

Audio forwarding was the most requested feature of this great utility. The developer worked with various solutions earlier, such as USBaudio to bring in this feature. But none of the POCs was viable for significant use cases.

Things changed when Google introduced audio capture API in the Android 10 release on September 2019. With this new API, it’s now easier to implement this feature with several tweaks to control the latency of Audio from your Android device to your computer.

Furthermore, Scrcpy 2.0 also supports the option to choose video and audio codecs. The device screen can now be encoded in H.265, or even AV1 if your device supports AV1 encoding.

scrcpy --audio-codec=opus --audio-bit-rate=16k
scrcpy --audio-codec=aac --audio-bit-rate=16k

In addition, you can also control the audio buffering via the command line to tweak it for your use case.

scrcpy --video-codec=h265 --display-buffer=200 --audio-buffer=200

Android version support

This new feature works out-of-the-box for Android 12 or newer (all modern mobile phones). However, for Android 11, you must unlock the device screen while using audio forwarding.

Scrcpy is a powerful tool that can be used for various purposes, from gaming and multimedia playback to productivity and remote technical support. With its latest update, Scrcpy 2.0, the tool has become even more versatile and user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to mirror and control their Android device on their computer.

Wrapping Up

You can learn more about this new version on the official announcement page. A download and installation instruction is present here, if you want to try it out.

For Linux distributions, you can install them using the instructions present here.

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