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Qt Creator 12.0 Released with Co-Pilot Integration

Qt Creator 12.0 has just hit the shelves, offering many cool features designed to enhance the development of cross-platform applications using the powerful Qt library. With support for both classic C++ programming and the dynamic QML language, this integrated development environment (IDE) caters to the diverse needs of developers, allowing them to create applications for Linux, Windows, and MacOS seamlessly.

Let’s rundown the features of this new release.

One of the standout features in this release is the addition of the Compiler Explorer plugin. This powerful tool provides developers with real-time insights into the assembly code generated by the compiler as they type their source code. Not only does it highlight errors detected by the compiler, but it also allows for viewing the compiled code’s execution results. With support for various compilers, including GCC and Clang, developers can fine-tune their code in a highly customizable environment.

QT Creator 12
QT Creator 12

To activate the Compiler Explorer plugin, simply navigate to “Help > About Plugins > CompilerExplorer” and access it through the menu at “Use Tools > Compiler Explorer > Open Compiler Explorer.”

Qt Creator 12.0 brings enhanced capabilities for debugging and profiling CMake build scripts using the Debug Adapter Protocol (DAP), introduced since CMake 3.27. Now, developers can set breakpoints in CMake files and delve into the intricacies of the configuration process. Initiating debugging is easy through the menu: “Debug > Start Debugging > Start CMake Debugging.” Additionally, the CMake script profiling function is accessible via the “Analyze > CMake Profiler” menu.

The new ScreenRecorder plugin, accessible through “Help > About Plugins > ScreenRecorder,” enables developers to record their work processes in Qt Creator. This feature proves invaluable for creating training articles or providing visual demonstrations when reporting bugs.

In response to user feedback, Qt Creator 12.0 has significantly reduced startup times on select systems. Clangd and Clang analyzer have been updated to the latest LLVM 17.0.1 release, ensuring compatibility with the latest language features. The IDE also boasts improved tools for refactoring C++ code and introduces buttons for selecting text styles in the Markdown text editor.

Qt Creator now supports the use of a proxy to access the GitHub Copilot intelligent assistant, streamlining code generation. Project-related settings for naming files with C++ code and documentation through comments have also been added, enhancing project organization and documentation.

The file editor in CMake format has undergone significant improvements. Enhanced autocompletion capabilities and functions for quick navigation to specified positions, macros, assembly targets, or package definitions empower developers to navigate their codebase with efficiency.

Another noteworthy addition is the automatic detection of PySide installations, simplifying the integration of Python and Qt applications.

In summary, Qt Creator 12.0 delivers a comprehensive set of tools and enhancements, making it a must-have for developers engaged in cross-platform application development.

You can learn more about this release on this page.

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