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Qt 6.3 Promises Improved Wayland Support with Custom Shell Extensions

In a recent blog post, the team highlighted some exciting technology upgrades coming up in the Qt 6.3 release.

Custom shell extensions in Qt 6.3
Custom shell extensions in Qt 6.3

Qt 6.3 Release

Perhaps the vital addition in this release is the Qt Wayland Compositor Module which gives a powerful API to the app developers to create Wayland compatible applications.

Although, the work on Wayland across the Linux universe has been ongoing for a decade now. Hopefully, with this underlying tech update, the Qt-based applications can easily be re-factored to the Wayland display server.

This would accelerate the transition to Wayland across Qt-based applications and desktop environments such as KDE Plasma.

Also, Qt 6.3 arrives with the ability to write custom Shell extensions for Wayland. This was not possible earlier.

The developers also added the Qt Shell extension, which supports restricted window manager features accessible in Qt-based applications.

The Qt Shell also brings the ability to customize the “Chrome” of the window surfaces, and it gives the developers the ability to add their decorations to the client windows.

In a nutshell, all these features with much more improvements are promised in the upcoming Qt 6.3 release in April.

For more details and inner workings, refer to the official blog post.

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