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Peppermint Introduces PepMini: Minimal OS with Debian

The Peppermint OS team announced the introduction of a minimal installation media – “PepMini”. A beta ISO is now available to test. These mini ISO builds offer a refreshing take on Debian, delivering a minimalistic operating system that gives you customization options on how you want to build your Peppermint OS.

Peppermint OS Desktop
Peppermint OS Desktop

So, what exactly are these Mini Builds?

They leverage the power of the Debian installer for a net install experience, allowing users to choose between 64-bit and 32-bit Debian or Devuan. Remarkably, the ISO files weigh a mere 100 to 180 MB, a testament to their lightweight nature.

PepMini OS Debian install menu
PepMini OS Debian install menu

If you’re already acquainted with the Debian installer, navigating through Peppermint OS Mini Builds is very easy but with a distinctive Peppermint twist. During the installation process, you’ll reach a point where you can make a choice of desktops and packages. You can opt for the Peppermint standard install, embracing the familiar Peppermint environment, or you can explore various other desktop options to suit your preferences.

Devuan fans have the privilege of selecting their preferred init system – whether it’s SysInitV, Runit, or OpenRC. This level of customization ensures that your Devuan experience is precisely as you desire it to be.

The mini ISO will give you option to choose desktops and other packages
The mini ISO will give you the option to choose desktops and other packages

One of the standout features of Peppermint OS Mini Builds is the ability to cherry-pick components during installation. This means you can sculpt your OS to fit your specific requirements. Need zoned storage for efficient data management? The option is yours. Planning to set up a web server? It’s just a click away. And for those who require secure remote access, the SSH server installation choice is readily available.

In summary, Peppermint OS Mini Builds combine the reliability of Debian & Devuan with Peppermint’s distinctive touch to deliver a minimal, customizable, and user-centric operating system. Moreover, both builds are available in both 64-bit and 32-bit modes. Give it a try and provide feedback to the Peppermint team for improvements.

You can download these mini ISOs from the below link.

Via Peppermint blog

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