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Linux Mint 21.2 “Edge” ISO Delivers Cutting-Edge Kernel and Secureboot Support!

Linux Mint has always been a favourite among users seeking a stable and user-friendly experience. Building upon the success of Linux Mint 21.2, the highly-anticipated Linux Mint 21.2 “Edge” ISO has just been released with cutting-edge hardware support.

The key feature that sets the Edge ISO apart from its standard sibling is its adoption of the latest Linux mainline Kernel. While the standard 21.2 edition features the 5.15 LTS Kernel, the Edge ISO takes a step forward with Kernel 6.2. This choice is a boon for those Linux enthusiasts who crave the latest and greatest in Kernel technology. If you’re rocking newer hardware and yearning for that cutting-edge Kernel support, the 21.2 Edge ISO is tailored just for you.

Linux Mint 21.2 Edge with Kernel 6.2
Linux Mint 21.2 Edge with Kernel 6.2

Another exciting development in this release is the return of Secureboot support. If you’ve ever encountered issues while trying to boot or install Linux Mint due to your modern hardware not being detected properly, you can give the Edge ISO a try for a smoother experience.

While the Linux Mint team has tested everything before release of the Edge ISO, it’s important to note that it may not be as stable as the other ISOs in the Linux Mint family. Additionally, it might not offer the same level of support for proprietary drivers. We recommend considering the Edge ISO only if you’ve exhausted all other options with standard Mint ISOs and are still facing hardware compatibility issues.

That said, with this release, Linux Mint 21.2 completes all the “types”, I guess this solves most of the use cases.

  • Linux Mint 21.2 with 5.15 LTS (based on Ubuntu LTS without Snap)
  • Linux Mint 21.2 with Debian 12
  • Linux Mint 21.2 with 6.2 Kernel (based on Ubuntu LTS without Snap)

To grab your copy of Linux Mint 21.2 “Edge” ISO and experience the latest in Linux Kernel technology, head over to the Linux Mint website (link below).

Via Linux Mint Blog

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