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Peppermint OS Introduces Devuan Build for ARM

Peppermint OS continues to stand out by offering an exciting new addition to its lineup. The lightweight, open-source operating system, known for its ease of use and resource efficiency, has just introduced a Devuan-based build tailored for ARM architecture.

This strategic move extends Peppermint OS’s reach, making it an even more compelling choice for users who prefer a systemd-free environment, especially on ARM devices like the Raspberry Pi and ARM laptops.

Peppermint OS, at its core, is based on Debian and Devuan Stable. It proudly sports the Xfce desktop environment, striking a perfect balance between user-friendliness and system efficiency. The distribution’s primary objective has always been to provide a familiar Linux experience to newcomers, ensuring that the learning curve is as gentle as possible.

Peppermint OS Desktop

Devuan, for those not in the know, is a free software operating system that forked from Debian in 2014. This fork was initiated to address the desire for an alternative to systemd as the init system. Devuan aims to maintain compatibility with Debian while upholding its commitment to providing a systemd-free environment. Instead of systemd, Devuan utilizes sysvinit, runit, or OpenRC as its init system. This makes Devuan a natural choice for users who seek a Debian-based system with more flexibility regarding the init system.

The introduction of a Devuan-based build for ARM devices by Peppermint OS is significant for several reasons. Firstly, it recognizes the increasing prevalence of ARM processors in various devices, including single-board computers, mobile devices, and laptops. ARM processors have gained popularity due to their energy efficiency, which is vital for devices running on battery power. This move opens up opportunities for users to run Peppermint OS on hardware like the Raspberry Pi, making it an excellent choice for those looking to create energy-efficient, lightweight projects or simply explore Linux on this popular platform.

Peppermint OS has a history of providing Devuan-based builds for x86 architectures. The addition of an ARM build further enhances its appeal, ensuring that Peppermint OS is accessible to a broader audience. This expansion caters to Linux enthusiasts who wish to explore a familiar Debian-based environment but with the freedom to choose their preferred init system.

You can download the ARM builds using the links below, its only available with Xfce desktop at the moment.

Via Peppermint Blog

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