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Peppermint OS Devuan Latest Release Brings Nala Package Manager + More

Peppermint OS 2022-11 release with Devuan edition brings an updated welcome screen and additional updates.

Peppermint OS is a Debian-stable-based Linux Distribution which primarily features a lightweight Xfce desktop environment. On August 2022, for the first time, Peppermint OS released its “Devuan” version. Devuan is a Debian fork free from Systemd. Hence Peppermint Devuan edition is much faster than the standard Peppermint OS version.

Peppermint OS Devuan Edition 2022-11: What’s New

Peppermint OS 2022-11 Devuan Edition

The Peppermint Devuan 2022-11 release brings additional updates since its first release. Since it’s based on Debian, this release also features 32-bit and 64-bit ISO. Very few Linux distributions still support 32-bit systems, and it’s one of them.

In addition, the welcome screen is redesigned to have a clearer selection of tools required as the first step after installation.

Centralized control panel Peppermint Hub also seems improvement similar to the welcome screen. A clear categorization is visible between the available System Tools and Software Tools.

Welcome screen and Peppermint OS Hub

Other noteworthy changes include adding a Nala package manager (similar to apt), TKK Creator for theme customization, and Peppermint Scope to view build logs for Peppermint updates.

Elsewhere, the visual changes include an updated Kumo icon theme, a new theme for grub and an awesome Plymouth animation while booting Peppermint OS.

The desktop environment features Xfce 4.16 with updated native apps and MATE applications.

New Plymouth

Peppermint OS Devuan Edition 2022-11 review

We did a quick test of Peppermint OS Devuan Edition 2022-11, and the overall experience is perfect. The download was fast, and the installer size is surprisingly low, which is 1.5 GB.

The Calamares installer never fails, and here as well. It gives you additional options to select packages and applications before you kick-start the installation. Since Peppermint doesn’t package everything, the ISO size is less.

During our test, the installation went fine on the virtual machine. The GRUB is properly placed, and all the first boot requirements are met.

The performance is excellent for three key reasons. Firstly it’s based on Debian with less bloat. Second, it’s free of Systemd. That took away many resource-intensive workloads. Finally, the Xfce 4.16 desktop is lightweight by itself.

Combining all these three key items, Peppermint OS Devuan edition 2022-11 consumes about 560 MB of RAM at idle, which is impressive. Other key features went smoothly, such as waking up from standby, kicking off the screensaver, and audio and video playing.

Peppermint OS 2022-11 performance

Wrapping Up

This release of Peppermint OS is perfect, polishing the Devuan experience since the first release. This distribution is perfect for those who want a systemd-free, Debian-stable-based distribution. Although similar configuration, you can get it via MX Linux, which is also another popular distro in the same category.

If you plan to try it, download it from the official website below. For those already running the prior version of Devuan, update your distro to get this version.

Via official release announcement.

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