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NuTyX 22.04.1 Released with Updated Desktops and Cards

A summary of the changes in the NuTyX 22.04.1 snapshot with download instructions.

NuTyX is a multi-language Linux Distribution that is based on Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux from scratch. It features a custom package manager called Cards (like apt) which gives the flexibility to add, create, remove and download system packages for NuTyX systems.

NuTyX Linux
NuTyX Linux

NuTyX 22.04.1 – What’s New

NuTyX 22.04.1 latest release brings Cards 2.5.0 while the toolchain is upgraded with GCC 11.2.0, Glibc 2.35 and Binutils 2.38. At the core, Xorg-server is upgraded to 21.1.3 with Mesa 3D library in 22.0.1.

In addition to that, the UI toolkits are bumped up to their latest stable versions Gtk4 4.6.2 and Qt 6.2.4. The programming language Python sees version 3.10.4.

Moreover, the NuTyX supports four major Linux Desktop environments and they are Xfce, KDE Plasma, MATE and GNOME. And all of them are updated to their latest stable version except GNOME and KDE. Because GNOME recently release version 42 which is yet to land. So, the rest of them are with version Xfce 4.16.0, MATE 1.26.0 and KDE Plasma 5.24.4.

It should be noted that NuTyX packs three major browsers and they are also upgraded with Firefox 99.0, Chromium 100.0.4896.60, and Epiphany 41.3.

Furthermore, the application stack is updated with Telegram-desktop 3.6.1, Thunderbird 91.7.0, Scribus 1.5.8, Libreoffice and Gimp 2.10.30.

Finally, at the core, NuTyX 22.04.1 ships with Long Term Support (LTS) kernels: 4.9.309, 4.14.274, 4.19.237, 5.4.188 et 5.10.109 and 5.15.32 and the latest stable version 5.17.1.


You can download this version using the link below in a physical system or in a virtual machine. Make sure to choose your desired desktop environment as presented below. The links are from Sourceforge, so it might be a little slow on the download speed, hence plan accordingly.

Via release announcement.

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