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EndeavourOS Apollo Release Brings New Window Manager and Updates

EndeavourOS team releases the first ISO refresh of 2022 with its Apollo Release and it brings many improvements.

The EndeavourOS is an Arch-based rolling-release Linux distribution that primarily helps new users to migrate to Arch with its unique way of handling use cases. It comes with a graphical Arch Linux installer where you get to choose all major Linux desktops environments, window managers and packages/applications.

EndeavourOS Apollo Release
EndeavourOS Apollo Release

EndeavourOS Apollo Release – April 2022

On April 8, 2022, EndeavourOS released the first ISO refresh of 2022 and its code-named “Apollo” honouring the great Apollo mission to the moon. The major highlight of this release is a brand new window manager called Worm which is developed by the EndeavourOS team member. The Worm window manager is designed to work well in both tiling and floating mode with window decorations such as minimize, maximize and close buttons.

Furthermore, EndeavourOS Apollo release brings several user experience updates. Firstly, the internet check is not validating by GitHub or GitLab because some countries blocks them which eventually ends up with installation failure.

Seconfly, EndeavourOS now uses most optimised display manager for desktop environments such as GNOME with GDM, LxQt with lightdm and so on. This makes the desktop environments more stable for longer use.

Desktop Options in EndeavourOS Instrallation
Desktop Options in EndeavourOS Instrallation

Other than that, the important bug fixes includes Firefox getting installed even when not chosen, fix for a conflict situations when both Xfce4 and i3 selected for installation.

Two new applications

Finally, two new native apps developed by the team to make workflow seamless. One of them is EOS-quickstart which helps you to install necessary applications easily in a new system via its interactive GUI.

Another new application is Nvidia-inst (which is in Beta). Nvidia-inst is a commandline tool to install mainstream and legacy Nvidia drivers including the hybrid setups such as Bumblebee and Prime.

The new quick start app
The new quick start app

You can read the entire change log and release highlights here. If you wish to try out the EndeavourOS Apollo release, grab the ISO using the links down below and use any virtual machine or physical system.

NameLocationISOTorrentSha512sumGPG sig file
GithubWorld wideDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload

Via release annoucement.

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