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Celebrating 20 Years of Notepad++: Version 8.6 Comes with Multi-Edit

Notepad++ has been a reliable companion for developers worldwide and a perfect replacement for the default notepad in Windows systems. As the celebrated text editor marks its 20th anniversary, the developer/team marks this milestone with the release of Notepad++ 8.6, which brings the most requested features.

Notepad++ 8.6
Notepad++ 8.6

Notepad++ 8.6 Features

The flagship feature of Notepad++ 8.6 is the introduction of multi-edit capabilities, changing how users interact with their text documents. Unlike its predecessor, this version helps users from the constraints of selecting only adjacent entries. Now, any matching string can be effortlessly chosen, offering unparalleled flexibility in editing.

Addressing a long-standing user demand, version 8.6 ensures that inaccessible files persist across sessions. Users can seamlessly resume work on previously elusive files by utilising empty and read-only documents as placeholders. A simple checkbox in the Preferences dialog empowers users to activate this feature.

Notepad++ multi edit
Notepad++ multi edit

In addition, Notepad++ 8.6 automatically highlights all matching strings in the document upon selecting. While the online help suggests using Ctlr-click for additional selections, it’s worth noting that the Enable Multi-Editing preference might not be present in the Editing section during tests.

Personalize your editing environment with the ability to customize multi-select backgrounds and care colours. This addition caters to users who prefer a unique colour scheme, offering a visual overhaul that aligns with individual preferences.

If you are using Linux systems, you can try out Notepad++ via Snap packages. Or, you can read our guide on how to install Notepad++.

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