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Introducing NixBSD: Unofficial NixOS Fork with FreeBSD Kernel

NixBSD Introduces NixOS Fork with FreeBSD Kernel Integration.

In a significant development for the BSD community, the Nix package manager has been successfully ported to BSD systems. The unofficial project, known as NixBSD, is now available for testing and integration.

The Nix package manager, renowned for its functional and declarative approach, has long been a staple of the GNU/Linux ecosystem. Its multi-user capabilities, reliable upgrades, and rollbacks have made it a popular choice for managing software packages in large-scale deployments.

NixBSD brings these benefits to BSD users. With NixBSD, BSD users can now enjoy:

  • Reproducible builds across different machines, making it easier to manage and distribute software.
  • Atomic upgrades and rollbacks allow testing system upgrades, if necessary, rolled back without affecting the system’s stability.
  • Multi-user capabilities, allowing multiple users to install and manage packages independently.
  • Isolation of packages, preventing conflicts between dependencies and ensuring system stability.

As of publishing this, the project supports three core repositories:

  • nix: a fork of the Nix package management with changes to adapt the build and work in an environment with the FreeBSD kernel.
  • nixpkgs: a fork of the nixpkgs package collection with fixes to support FreeBSD and the addition of the new x86_64-freebsd platform.
  • nixbsd: a repository with modules to support building a variant of NixOS with the FreeBSD kernel.

NixBSD is currently in the early stages of development and is looking for contributors to help with testing, documentation, and development. The team is also seeking feedback from the BSD community to ensure that NixBSD meets the unique needs of *BSD users.

With NixBSD, BSD users can now enjoy the benefits of a robust, reliable, and flexible package manager. The NixOS-BSD team encourages all BSD users to try out NixBSD and contribute to its development.

Learn more on the GitHub.

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