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Manjaro 23 “Uranos” Delivers Exciting Updates

Discover the latest Manjaro 23 release, codenamed “Uranos,” with enhanced GNOME and KDE Plasma editions, performance boosts, and more.

Manjaro, the user-friendly Arch-based Linux distribution, has just released its latest version, Manjaro 23, codenamed “Uranos”. Since the release of Talos in April 2023, the Manjaro team has been diligently working to bring you this exciting update. In this article, we’ll recap the key features and improvements you can expect in Manjaro 23 across various desktop environments.

Manjaro 23 Xfce Edition
Manjaro 23 Xfce Edition

Manjaro 23: What’s New

GNOME Edition

The GNOME edition of Manjaro 23 receives a significant boost with updates to the GNOME 44 series, addressing various issues and enhancing the overall user experience. One of the standout changes is the introduction of a grid view in GNOME’s file chooser dialoges. This new addition makes it easier than ever to select files based on their thumbnails, a feature long-awaited by GNOME users.

The accessibility settings have also received a redesign for GNOME 44. The settings are now more organized, making navigation a cakewalk. Individual settings have been improved for clarity and consistency, and many settings now include helpful descriptions.

Additionally, the Mouse and Touchpad settings have been revamped with different options, ensuring that configuring these settings is straightforward.

In terms of performance, the Software application in GNOME 44 offers a smoother and faster experience. Pages for each software category load quickly, minimizing interruptions and reducing page reloading. Manjaro 23 truly enhances your GNOME experience.

KDE Plasma Edition

Manjaro 23 comes with the latest Plasma 5.27 LTS series and KDE Gear 23.08 for those who prefer the KDE Plasma desktop environment 5.27. These updates bring a host of exciting improvements to your desktop experience.

One notable addition is the window tiling system, which provides better control over your desktop layout. The app theme has received a stylish makeover, offering a more visually appealing experience. Tools are now cleaner and more user-friendly, and widgets provide enhanced control over your machine.

KDE’s designers have streamlined Plasma’s System Settings utility, reducing the number of pages and reorganizing options for a more intuitive experience. Wayland support has also been significantly improved, with numerous bug fixes and reliability enhancements, opening up new possibilities for interacting with your desktop.

Dolphin, the default file manager, has received tweaks to improve your workflow. It now hides temporary and backup files to keep your view clutter-free. Plus, it shows the progress of size calculations in real-time and provides detailed information about selected files in the information panel, enhancing your understanding of your file system.

Kalendar has been renamed to Merkuro, reflecting its expanded capabilities. In addition to managing events and tasks, it now handles your contacts. Skanpage, KDE’s scanning utility, now offers greater flexibility with drag-and-drop reordering of multi-page scans and additional adjustment options for brightness, contrast, gamma, and colour balance.

Itinerary, KDE’s travel assistant, has gained the ability to import online railway tickets from Deutsche Bahn and SNCF, in addition to reading and importing data from airline confirmation emails and SMS.

XFCE Edition

Manjaro 23 delivers XFCE 4.18 for XFCE buffs, featuring several noteworthy improvements. Thunar, the default file manager, now includes a file highlighting feature, allowing you to set custom background and foreground colours for specific files, making them stand out in a directory filled with similar-looking mime types. Recursive search functionality has also been added to Thunar.

The XFCE panel introduces two important preferences: the ability to configure panel length in pixels and an option to keep the panel above windows. This new option ensures that maximized application windows fill the area behind the panel, providing a cleaner and more user-friendly experience.

Other updates

Across all editions, Manjaro 23 benefits from the Kernel 6.5, providing support for the latest hardware and drivers. Additionally, Kernel 6.1 LTS and Kernel 5.15 LTS are available, offering extended support for older hardware configurations.

To sum up, Manjaro 23 is a well-rounded release with the latest rolling release packages across desktops and distributions. With many improvements across different desktop environments, this release offers a more user-friendly, feature-rich, and performant Arch Linux experience.

If you are running Manjaro Linux, you should update your system using pacman -Syu to get this update.

Also, for new installs, you can download this release from the below link:

Via Manjaro blog

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