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Linux Mint 22 to Boost XApp Independence, Says No to libAdwaita

Key changes that are coming up in the Linux Mint 22, securing user experience.

Linux Mint, one of the most popular Linux distributions, has announced the changes coming in its upcoming release, Linux Mint 22. The updates include significant improvements to XApp, an independent project for creating applications that work everywhere, and changes to the way the distribution handles GNOME applications.

XApp, which was created to make applications work across different Linux distributions, has faced challenges in gaining traction outside of Linux Mint. While many XApp applications are available in other distributions, few distributions actually make use of them. To address this issue, Linux Mint has proposed making XApp an independent project, not hosted or maintained by Linux Mint, but by people from various desktops and distributions. This would provide a space for collaboration, compatibility, and the development of applications that work everywhere, not just those needed or maintained by Linux Mint.

In addition to the changes to XApp, Linux Mint has announced that it will no longer support applications that do not support its users and environments. The distribution will no longer support applications that use libAdwaita, a library for GNOME applications, as it is for GNOME and GNOME only. This decision is intended to send a strong signal upstream and towards other projects, promoting applications that support all environments.

Furthermore, Linux Mint has announced that it will remove Adwaita, the default GNOME theme, from the list of available themes in Cinnamon 6.2. The theme, which provides icons for some categories but not others, is taking a direction that only supports GNOME. GTK depends on it, but it is not possible to remove it. Budgie has already blacklisted Adwaita, and Linux Mint will follow suit in Cinnamon.

Lastly, Linux Mint has announced that it will update the Software Manager to not show unverified Flatpaks by default. This change is intended to minimize the number of exposed users and raise awareness around the risks of using unverified applications.

Looks like, the upcoming Linux Mint 22 release is going to be a significant release with changes to XApp, the handling of GNOME applications, and the Software Manager. These changes are intended to improve your experience in Linux Mint, and this is why it is the best beginner Linux distribution.

Via Linux Mint blog

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